R21 in one month...we'll know


Maxon is where it is today thanks to its existing customer base. I’ve kept up-to-date for the last 16 years but will not be supporting the new business model.

Whatever the reason for removing free Cineversity access for perpetual license holders, from a customer relations perspective it’s not a good look.

I hope for Maxon’s sake that their market research proves to be accurate.


if you move to subscription you will be able to keep any of your pre 21 releases, since they are serial number based. nobody can take them away from you. just like adobe couldn’t remove your cs licenses when they moved to cc.


As mentioned by few others here, this is the case for me:
60$ paid monthly: affordable
720$ paid annually: not affordable
I hope Maxon will have the option to pay annual contracts monthly (just like Adobe), otherwise they will loose a chunk of their user base


Yes, you have to pay $720 Annually, but they falsely advertised it as $59.99 monthly. They might as well say it is $1.999 daily or $.0799 cents hourly. At those low numbers, truly for the world.


True but you would have to work in say R20 if you want to work with those projects in the future and not be tied to this new locking out policy. An R21 project would not open in R20


r21 files open in r20, if you used features like for instance field masks though which are new to 21 you’d have to rebuild those setups the r20 way of course. but that kind of issues have always been the case.


I could live with the hole system, if Maxon somehow gurantees that at least every fifth releas would be perpetual-able, when they are bold enough to ditch it for some time


There is a discount in the first year of subscription for users of any prior C4D edition/release. Check with your sales rep for exact pricing. You’ll still have access to your older release of Cinema 4D in that case.


We didn’t remove free Cineversity access for perpetual holders - it’s always been a part of the subscription - either the Maxon Service Agreement subscription or the new subscription plan.

We’ll make sure folks continue to have full access to Cineversity until the end of their current MSA.

Cineversity also publishes a lot of free resources including weekly quicktips and a number of tutorials both on the Cineversity site and YouTube. Our most popular plugin, CV-ArtSmart, is also available to anyone.

Just out of curiosity - because it helps us tune our planning - are you most concerned about the tutorials or the plugins and resources?


Maxon removed Cineversity of perpetual holders that upgrade. Now they pay a stepper price and lost Cineversity to stay current.


Just for clarity, the MSA included perpetual upgrades and Cineversity - we removed that. But anyone with an active MSA can still enjoy Cineversity until it expires. We haven’t announced (nor decided) the pricing or options for perpetual customers a year from now.

But if you’ve been actively renewing your MSA and had access to Cineversity, you can actively renew subscription at the same price - you’ll always have the latest release of Cinema 4D and you’ll have access to Cineversity.

You didn’t answer my question - what do you enjoy more on Cineversity - the tutorials or plugins?


I am not Darter, but answering your question i don’t have MSA, but from an outsider i would say the plugins should be more important, tutorials are mostly everywhere albeit when i am in Cineversity -not premium- there are some premium ones that for being so specific that are enticing.


I need the tutorials. This is how I learned new features. Fields and nodes are quite technical for instance and cineversity was instrumental in getting up to speed. Their quality is way above what you can find on YouTube (I often hear that there are tons of C4d tuts online but very few actually cover advanced stuff).

Just let people buy your plugins and keep the tutorials access free.

I also do not understand your position on the MSA.
From a customer standpoint, MSA is just a subscription to the next release, with Cineversity included.

MSA is exactly the same as the new annual subscription for a perpetual license upgrade. How can you then justify removing cineversity?

Why not simply keep the MSA with cineversity alongside subscriptions???

This is why most perpetual license owners are pissed: it feels like Maxon is doing all they can to discourage us from upgrading our perpetual license.


I started to use C4D round about 1999. Had different Version and MSA for the last years. There where Updates I liked and Updates I hated. I aprechiate the posibility to rent for new customers. But I dont know why maxon is making it so hard for their loyal customers.
For maxon the differece between MSA and rent is just, that the MSA customers payed maxon 3600€ upfont. If it is not to lock people in, then maxon should handle perpetual acordingly to rent. Same price for both.

I will Not go subscription in this case I will keep my money as i did with Adobe. If maxon offers propper reliable perpetual licenses I will stay.

The comunication to former customers is a mess. The 20% Discount for Studio owners is a Joke.


Feels that way because that’s in fact exactly what they are doing. This is all a repeat of the Adobe tragedy.


Rick - what about R20 PRIME users, who do not have a MSA, upgrading to R21 perpetual? What is the cost? Normally, it would be $400 or so to upgrade from the current version of Prime to the next version of Prime. Is the cost going to be $1,000 now that there is no Prime available? I really hope the answer is not what the cost is now to upgrade from R19 Prime to R20 Studio, which is around $3,000 - or anything close to that. That would also be a vastly different, and more harsh, result than how Maxon is treating current Prime MSA holders, who get R21 studio perpetual for $250. I like Prime and would have simply stayed on that course if the option were available, so I really hope the answer is not more than $1000 (which is already 2.5 times what my budget is). Thanks!


Best bet is to call (or email) sales. They have the full price list handy and can find the best option based on what you currently own.


I’m probably going to renew my MSA end of August for R21 perpetual, just as planned.

Next year, if the option to renew perpetual isn’t available anymore, or at prohibitive pricing, I’ll probably just skip it altogether. Just as I stuck with CS6.

I wish my local sales rep was as efficient as Rick though, but so far I haven’t had answers from them. I suspect they are still confused themselves…


:scream:, Blender foundation are preparing Blender to inject for mainstream pipeline


Plugins are essential. The illustrator vector import I use all the time. Tutorials are great but to be honest if they weren’t there I wouldn’t worry. I feel I only look at them say when the new releases come out and yours are particularly good at explaining the new and improved features. But why not implement these into the help system. X-Particles does this really well with their help system and it’s something I use all the time.