R21 in one month...we'll know


Quasar on twitter showing volume rendering in ProRender (his examples need to be on the Maxon site): https://twitter.com/joe_ihdt/status/1156833621665169408

and a cool experiment with the pForce node:


@yamamia I agree. The problem with Blender is that it’s hard to get something so demanding in terms of development such as creating a competitive mograph system. I asked years ago, many times, the answer on their forum it’s always been that they were not interested. Blender didn’t need to be a C4D competitor. I even emailed Ton once!
Someone did the animation nodes addon. Probably at some point nodes will give users the chance to control many parts of Blender (similar to ICE for Softimage I guess). But don’t see Blender becoming a real C4D competitor in that sense.
The best answer I got was, Blender is open, write the code yourself.

What is C4D without Mograph? But that’s the problem. No other DCC on the market can match that, with that level of simplicity. And I don’t see another DCC stepping in to that territory. Each DCC has its own reason to exists.


Blender isn’t completely lacking in motion graphics: https://cloud.blender.org/p/motion-graphics/

I’m not saying it is a replacement for C4D, but it has some options.


On a side note: how perpetual is Perpetual? Since R21 is calling home every 14 days, Maxon can decide in a few years that R21 is not reeeally perpetual anymore and stops its usage over night. Brave New World


i don’t think that would be legal… :wink:


This is my main concern right now. Are there any legal hurdles for them to just deactivate my license in some years, because they change there mind again or whatever?
Three days ago I wouldn’t have believed I could become so suspiciously when it comes to Maxon, but now …
Looking at that rather weak release I even get the feeling they kept some of the good stuff on purpose for the next releases so only the subscribers get it.
Getting paranoid I guess, but that whole release is fishy. No one even bothers to announce it, still no videos to speak of at youtube, no details about the features anywhere. All a bit unreal…


They knew the release isn’t going to appeal to users, so their PR Research folks determined the less said the better.

They’ve become Adobe East. Over time they will focus on marketing and PR, less on development. If they get enough subscriptions …they can do whatever they want. Customers will be locked in.

In the past six or seven years many Adobe apps like After Effects have improved very nominally. Why bother?


This comment makes me wonder about the future state of the forums. During the live stream, C4D Cafe was commenting, just before the pricing announcement, “Wait for it” (or something like that) as if the best news ever was coming. If the forums are filled with people who Maxon isn’t listening to (freelancers, hobbyists, etc.) and those people are ones who will be jumping ship, that doesn’t bode well for the future of the forums, including C4D Cafe.


Jaques Luque, the man behind animation nodes is a full time developer now, and he is the mastermind behind the upcoming everything nodes branch, that should be around 2.83 (maybe next year or less).


Octane is out in beta for Blender now. That has me fired up.


One GPU for free. Not a bad way to kick the tires.


I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense. Hit new subscribers with R21.x in a few months’ time. Isn’t Maxon great. Aren’t you glad you subscribed. Huh? What’s that? MSA owners? Ah, screw them… they can have this stuff in R22 next year.


Correct. My assumption was that even though they’re committing to 12 months, for someone in that position $59/month is probably not going to cause a problem. Although adding more with RedShift, if you look at how competitors have handled inclusion of their renderer of choice, is not great.

And one can argue most of those people will also need an Adobe Subscription, so it definitely adds up quick.


This is one question they have not answered at all / not spoken to in any of their literature. They have said nothing about whether they will change their development cadence, offer brand new features or major feature improvements mid-cycle as well as at the traditional time (September 1), and then offer it only to subs. Seems likely and for the R21 cycle at a minimum, I agree that would be a kick in the balls to Perpetual license holders, given the lackluster nature of R21.

If anyone with an MSA expiring this month renews to get R21 Perpetual, they should get all of the features between Sept. 1 2019 and next Sept 1. According to MAXON there’s more room for innovation now that there is only one version to develop and maintain and test, so starting R22 if they deliver on that with a huge release, then at least it can be argued Perpetual licensees wait till R23 to get the “mid-cycle features” that got tacked on to R22 x months after it’s released but x months before R23.

But for this release and what follows mid-cycle… not so much. That’s assuming they will actually have mid-cycle feature updates. A big if IMO. Let’s see what they have to say after SIGGRAPH is wrapped up.


Their road map is pretty interesting. They’re going to start doing a lot with Nodes, and with their physics, particle, and hair systems in general. They’ve identified the existing ones as something that won’t scale well with the updated architecture and have already begun discussing how they’ll use nodes and update these workflows.

Not saying it will equal MoGraph in the next x months or anything crazy like that but they’re definitely on the case and the pace of investment and development there is definitely accelerating.

I would much prefer to have Blender as a complimentary tool to an accelerating C4D with a perpetual license and reasonable upgrade policy… but we’ll see. We still don’t know the official upgrade prices between versions or when skipping versions AFAIK, so we need to hear from MAXON.


Came across 2 more reels of a blender artist (Everton Schneider) who is more on the motion graphics / animation field.

I personally like them:


After reading something at the Cafe and double-checking MAXON’s site I just realized something about the “annual subscription,” that invalidates my example earlier of the prime user or freelance new users getting a pretty good deal on that $59/month.

It’s “billed annually,” which I don’t think can be taken any other way than “lump sum” or “all at once.” Can it? Which would mean you’re not paying $59/month but a single payment of $708 + tax in whatever month you subscribe. Then it lasts for 12 months before you have to do so again.

Maybe they left something off the page and you’ll have the option of $59/month, or if you pay all 12 months at once, slightly less (like Adobe does). Sorry for any confusion for my part. I guess this is still a somewhat reasonable deal for this type of person, certainly easier than shelling out $3600, but that does mean the person has to wait until they’ve had a good month where they can spare that much more above all their usual expenses.


Oh they can definitely do that, and I assure you they will at some point. Around 3 major versions or so is all they would likely keep supporting through the authentication.

Adobe has started disabling older versions of their software as well. You can look at it as an evil plot, or you can realize that at some point they have to take the resources it takes to support older versions and pool them into newer releases.

It’s just the way of things now. So hold on to that R20 for as long as you can, because starting with R21, since it phones home, it will be possible to be disabled at some point.


If you click on the buy page on MAXON’s site you can choose which currency you want it to show. And the price fluctuates pretty wildly across even European countries.

US dollars 59.99 is 88.06 AusDollars

UK Pounds 55.19 is 98.06 AusDollars

Euro 61.49 is 100.13 Aus Dollars

If you are German you pay Euro 59.49
If you are Italian you pay Euro 60.99
If you are French you pay Euro 59.99

Weird huh!


So all the distributors out there lost their C4d/MSA business correct? No wonder they are so slow at getting back to me and my questions. Why would they care now that Maxon took over the distribution?