R21 in one month...we'll know


I agree with the earlier sentiment that this sub model is not really designed for the people they say it is, and certainly not “everyone.” But it is arguably a pretty good price (what I said in a post after the announcement) for one group of users. The group that doesn’t currently use C4D (or who have been forced to use the Prime version), who have started making some money at this trade but are not really established yet. Like most freelancers in most lines of work, you have good months and bad months and have to stretch your money out quite a bit during dry times.

I suspect most people in this boat can’t reasonably afford a perpetual license to Studio, but could reasonably afford $59/month if they have a modest amount of earnings from their work coming in each month and/or are on projects where $59/month could be easily built into the contract. And many of those same people would certainly have an eye on Blender for the low, low price of free.

That’s who this model is for, if you cut away all the hype. And it’s perfectly logical for MAXON to try to do something to get these people onboard, fresh blood if you will. What’s not logical iMO is removing benefits from the existing license holders / people who prefer Perpetual. The only thing I can see that would explain it is if: a) there’s a rule that stipulates subscribers have to get some ongoing benefit that perpetual licensees don’t get, b) at the same time MAXON has decided they’re not deviating from their “new features every 12 months” dev cycle, i.e. not going to “release new features throughout the year,” so that c) the only thing left as an “ongoing benefit” would be Cineversity and the ongoing addition of new videos throughout the year.

I asked a question earlier about how MAXON intends to release new features now that they’re using a sub model, goes directly to point above potentially. Looking forward to their answer.

As far as MSA, I can’t see a reason to rewew it this year, not unless MAXON throws us a bone and says “hey you’re going to get those new subscriber features throughout 2019-2020 as well and then next year you can decide Perpetual or sub.” Something like that. Like whatever you think about Caps or volume improvements, in my mind the positive of that is counter-balanced by the PITA factor of all plugins breaking again. So there has to be something more.


Even just a road map of upcoming features for R21.x would be useful; at least help people decide their next step.

And I can’t believe they broke all the plugins again. What developers must be thinking I’ve no idea…


I also did this calculation the other day. One thing to consider is that with the subscription, you could put that licence purchase price in a savings account and the interest on it would more than outweigh the subscription cost difference. For a new user, the subscription works out cheaper so long as youre the kind of person that would keep upgrading anyway. In fact after a while the interest on the purchase price is so much that it more than pays for the subscription and you can use the spare to buy beer :wink:

Personally if I had a commercial c4d licence right now, I would sell it, invest that money and start a subscription.


Who’s gonna buy a commercial license now?


Exactly. Nobody is going to buy that.


those who hate subscriptions and want an r20 license to use for a couple of years.


This really looks like “How to screw up a successful company/brand for Dummies”

‘Now we have just one version’
WRONG, you STILL have 5 choices. Just make ONE version, include RS. Simple and clear for all. If Blender can do it, you can do it.

Make it affordable.
Make it REALLY affordable for the smaller companies and freelancers. Right now the perpetual license is to expensive for small companies and freelancers. (More than 2x times a MODO license!!)

Personal irritation: stop with ridiculous prices. If you look at the Maxxon website in euros, the prices almost look random generated.

I really fear for Maxxon that, for A LOT of user, this is the tipping point to switch. There are a lot of fantastic alternatives.
So i think they need to change their strategy a little. Otherwise they WILL lose users. Most likely more than they undoubtedly anticipated/calculated.


Have you looked at the interest rates lately?


Blinny you are talking about $59 month, but that is the year rent month price for the whole 12 months , not the unique month price.


I have read several mentions of the yearly price having to be paid in a lump sum?? I don’t think that is correct. It’s more that you are contractually obligated to paying for a year’s worth of the subscription. Otherwise, what would be the point? It is listed as monthly, but with an annual agreement. (i.e. you agree to pay for 12 months…once a month) Right??

And if you don’t want to lock in to a year, you pay the higher monthly rate and can drop in or out as you please.

OK, now having looked again on the site I see it says “Billed Annually”. I don’t see how this makes it ANY easier to use C4D financially. The prices are actually being raised, due to taxes introduced. We will lose perpetual, and the features in R21 are seriously lacking.

So that just made my decision for me. I’ll stick to R20 for as long as I can before jumping on the sub.


I found an Intro to Blender 2.8 course for about the same cost as a month of the year contract price of subscription.

I may just do that. I can upgrade C4d at any point to R21. I may take the money I had set aside for MSA and use it towards a PC laptop or tower instead, or a few Blender courses (but I think Blender is more and more a dead end on Mac, given Apple’s moves).


If you are looking for paid Blender courses, CGCookie is great! I’m loving their selection.

Sadly, Redshift showed some great updates at Siggraph; however, I’m scared to invest any more money with them. Why wouldn’t they eventually move to a subscription-only model? I never thought Cinema would, but here we are, so I have no reason to think RedShift wouldn’t.


This doesn’t really work if the subscription is billed annually. (as opposed to paying monthly) Since we’re actually paying more now for the sub than the MSA was, I don’t see how this is more obtainable except for brand new users.

I was ok with all this even though I’m not a fan of subs, because I thought we’d be paying monthly, but with an annual contract. (Like Adobe CC). But that doesn’t appear to be the case. So setting the MSA amount in the bank and drawing on that monthly to pay the sub fees doesn’t appear to be an option. (based on the verbiage on the Maxon site)


What moves? I’m not aware of any Apple/Blender issues. Not saying there aren’t, I have just never paid any attention to Blender because I was happy with C4D. Until now.

BTW, I think we should all start referring to it as C$D.


IF MAXON were to shift their thinking slightly they could easily draw in more new customers while satisfying the needs of their existing customer base. Simply offer both a subscription model and keep the existing MSA model as well. New users could get into C4D with the lower cost of entry that a monthly or yearly subscription affords. Existing C4D owners with MSAs would continue life as we know it and not be penalized for having supported the company for years.

Simple solution, but I’d be very surprised if it happens.



Eevee, Blender’s real time renderer, is Open GL based, along with its viewport. Apple is dropping support for Open GL, prompting the main Blender guy, Ton Roosendaal, to make a comment like this: https://twitter.com/tonroosendaal/status/1003919627674619904?lang=en


I suppose there is that :wink:


came across this blender reel


Unfortunately, Blender 3D personally is not a solution. I use it a lot for modelling (and I prefer it over C4D), but I couldn’t pay my bills with Blender. No motion graphics with it, the particle system, which I tried in the past, seemed good but only OK for what I needed.
The only real contender in the mograph scene to me is Houdini, but it’s too complicated. It’s very technical and not what a designer who deals with quick turnarounds could pick.
C4D is the perfect solution, easy, fast to mocap things, good plugins (XP, RS and so on).

This MSA disaster and the shadows over the future of C4D due to the new business model are really preoccupying. I ditched Adobe already. I fear C4D can be next.


What is C4D without MOGRAPH ? just another DCC, all it takes is for a MOGRAPH alternative to show up and you can say goodbye to C4D.

Blender is no longer developed part time , it now has full time employees working on new stuff everyday and it is backed up by some big companies like, Epic games (Unreal Engine), Ubisoft, Intel, Google, Steam, Ubuntu and a crazy amount of other companies and individuals.

The moment Blender (or another new player) start focusing on motion graphics will be the beginning of the end of C4D.