R21 First Impressions


Thx, this works! But I really hope this isn’t the only way to render a volume…


A, these nodes are not under material-editor in the help, but under ProRender. A bit confusing.

Once a node is selected the context menu on the attribute manager has the help link… It is just not available on the nodes them selves. My fault.


Well, it is the workflow. You can build your own volume material; the preset is just a convenience.

And you can import any vdb file or sequence. An imported VDB can have the volume tag added to it directly, or you can pop it into a volume builder to resample it if you want. Multiple grids per VDB are supported (for smoke density and heat, for example). And there are also workflows for arbitrarily combining multiple grids to render as different material channels.

The volume builder also allows for using multiple grids and adding/subtracting/multiplying etc. them.


Has anyone come across any problems with MMB and RMB for navigation? I’ve always used these key combinations but now RMB and MMB no longer seem to work for navigation.


edit: MMB and RMB seem to work for nav when pressed on the Wacom pen but not when using the keyboard. Strange.

edit2: but MMB and RMB seem to work within the node editor…

But definitely unable to use RMB and MMB on the Mac keyboard for navigation which is something I’ve always done, so not getting very far with R21 so far.


Me too on Wacom. R20 MMB and option on mac hovering over the tablet and you can pan. This does not happen on the same machine with R21. However if I click MMB it flicks between single view and 4 views. Also 2 finger on track pad does middle mouse button scrolling.


2 small things that are nice…

  1. I first installed at work, but forgot to close it down when I left.
    So it wouldn’t give me the license when I installed at home.
    But there is a “Release” button at your Maxon account site that releases the license from the other system so you can use it.

  2. No more jumping around in all the different versions of C4D in the Content Browser. Just a normal structure now.
    (3D Objects, Materials, etc.)


Where’s the Import function. Can find Export but not Import!


Merge Scenes on Drag-and-Drop

Or merge project…


Great thanks. I thought I was going nuts. No import in R20 just merge. I am a eeediot!


Yeah, I was getting that view splitting into 4. It registers the MMB and RMB in the Command Manager, but they don’t seem to work in the viewport. But they do work in the material node editor. Usually I can MMB to change the brush size, but it’s not working. This is a real shame 'cos it kind of means it will put me off R21. I’ll log it is a bug later today, but I noticed Maxon have changed their bug report page and I just didn’t have time for it yesterday night.


I can only repeat my experiences with rendering denoisers from other softwares: good for very simple stills (but still destroys fine structures). Useless for animation since blotches are introduced. The general concept at the moment has those issues. Maybe things get better soon.

Get a compositing denoiser. Best is Neat Video.


I think you underestimate the Intel Denoiser. It is a game changer compared to other denoising options. Maybe give it a try in 21 and judge for your self.


It seems the same denoiser is used in Blender, but it gives full control to the user via a compositing node. This video shows very nicely how it works and even compares it to NVIDIAs denoiser (hint: the author likes Intel’s solution more)

Hopefully, C4D passes the same amount of data into the denoiser.


I did:

First Prorender tests with Maxon scenes confirm my statement: details get damaged with denoisers. Is there a way to adjust the strength of the denoiser with Prorender?

Second test with the coffee bean scene from r19 was waaay better but also: small details suffer!

So it can be used but must be picked wisely in simple scenes without fine textures and sctructures

But I really like the new GUI ;))


Did you use the multi pass option in the denoiser, and add the material color pass? This will improve texture detail retention…


I actually got worse results cheching multipass on… what passes do you need to add to actually make it “better” ?
Albedo + normal?


Actually, if you are using Prorender you just need to enable “Use Multi-passes” and you will see better detail preservation (I forgot how this ended up in. the release). With standard or physical the denoiser just acts as a post effect and cannot take the normal or texture passes into account.

Not sure why you would see poorer results with it on… its results are often amazing, but sometimes not…


Thanks, I’ll make some more tests then. What confuses me is the manual though, regarding the setting it says:

This option can be disabled, if necessary in order to edge out a little more quality.


I think that is just weird phrasing on the part of the documentation; using multi-pass will usually produce a better result (with exceptions as noted in the documentation)…
Zoom in to see how the edge of the texture map is erroneously smoothed below without multi-pass. This is even more obvious with fine textures.


fwiw, I use denoisers in the majority of my animation work. I think your experiences may be based on the old fashioned denoisers. The newer machine learning AI denoisers do a much better job.