R21 Create new Scenefile?


Hi all,

Am trying to create my default scenefile for R21. In the past you would create your file, then simply save it as “new.c4D” in the main “Cinema 4D R*” folder (as shown at Greyscale Gorilla by Nick: “Cinema 4D Quick Tip 2 – Make A Custom New Scenefile” [sorry won’t let me post the link])

How do you set up your default scenefile now? I get “You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission”. Is this normal?


Save your new.c4d file somewhere else. Quit C4d. Then find the new.c4d file and drag it into the Maxon Cinema 4D R21 folder. Then you can give it permission to be in that folder. It works OK on my Windows 10 machine. Haven’t tried it on a Mac, but it should work.


alternatively you can also just change folder permissions for your r21 folder to be able to write files.


I’m not sure if it this is R21 specific but I noticed a command for that task

Window > Customization > Save as Default Scene

It’s at the bottom of the list


new.c4d files belong into the prefs folder. The new command in R21 does that automatically,
Please do not change the main installation of Cinema 4D, modern operating systems have pretty strong opinions on what is allowed there.


I always run into this issue trying to save files . There is a workaround: go to cinema4d.exe, right click, properties, compatibility and check run as admin there. This opens a lot or more folders you are allowed to save to :slight_smile:

but consider Srek´s post about the location new.c4d has to be for your case.


Brilliant, thanks artdude12