R20 Prefs keep resetting


I’ve noticed an annoying habit of R20 recently, was wondering if anyone else had seen this. I’ve had a few crashes lately, which is probably down to using slightly unfinished plugins. Fair enough. Trouble is that when I re-open Cinema, everything is reset. So my texture file paths are gone, plugins need re-registering, auto-save & undo settings, OpenGL options all need re-setting. So it goes from a 1minute annoyance to 15 minutes of fiddling through the whole prefs list, re-entering serial numbers etc.

Layouts seem unaffected, they re-load as usual.

Any ideas what’s causing this? Any recent changes on how Cinema recovers from crashes?


Sorry I’m not sure about your issue with losing prefs - I have not seen this in R20 despite some nasty crashes with R20 Corona beta. It sounds like you could save a lot of time by making a backup of your prefs folder though…


All speculation here, but what it sounds like is that something (such as a suspect plugin) is choking when writing to the preferences file. This might be having the result of corrupting the preference file in which case and Cinema would create a new preferences file with default settings.


remove all plugins, drop them back in one at a time. PITA , but I don’t see how else you would get to the bottom of that. If your using that bridge, you could remove that for a start, and take it from there.



Thanks folks yup plugin issues sounds likely. I’ve removed all the dispensible ones, and made a backup of the prefs file just in case, let’s see. The RedShift recent build (2.6.31) was pretty flaky, I’m thinking this might be the culprit if anyone comes up against the same story - I’ve dropped back a version. Hard to test, I just have to wait for a crash!