R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


Support now added for Undertow through our R20 Bridge:

See this thread:

We already added support for Michael Welters plugins.

Which PointMirror plugin were you referring to?

If plugin developers contact us we can extend support, this is a snowball effect, the more plugins that get tested and support added the more other plugins may then work. Once we have enough plugins tested and working we can release the latest R20 Bridge to everyone.



Uhhh that looks great! Thanks for the update - Mirror Point Position is reeeally old:

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Unfortunately Mirror Point Position is an old COFFEE script so can’t be bridged, only C++ plugins can be done like this, COFFEE just doesn’t exist now.


Ohhh ok. Well that sucks - I really use it a LOT - does anyone have a similar plugin at hand? I mean it is a fundamental ability to adjust a weighted character symmetrically (e.g.) to save time - also creating blendshapes and morphtargets… thanks for help!


Fabian is still active in the business: What did he say about R20? Did you try to contact him?


Maybe they do it for money :slight_smile:


How about DNS plugins like paint-on-surface. The website is down so I have a feeling this is EOL?
I know it’s possible to place objects by painting with the polypen, but this a bit more complicated than with Paint-on-Surface. Any alternatives?



I have a question about X-particles.

When Insydium began to talk about updates to 4.0, I remember videos that spoke of huge speed increases for some aspects of X-particles. This was pre-R20.

I am wondering if those speed increases are impacted by the bridge in R20.


The speed improvements remain and in our tests X-Particles runs faster under R20. There is a util in C4D called Calculate FPS (found from the Customize Commands), you can run the same XP and scene in R19 and R20 and see for yourself.



Thanks, sounds great!


AVT Align to Vector

I need to search my old backups for the sourcecode, Kuriome Development ported it back in the R13 Days, Also AT2 did it some time ago,

As always, this Plugin is widely used and is depending on the C4D community to survive.


Do they have a English site? Looks like some useful plugins.


I don’t see where it’s been mentioned, but the latest build of Turbulence FD supports R20. Just tried it (Windows) and it appears to work fine.


I’m a steadyCampPro user too…sad that this will not port over in R20

I couple years ago I recall thanking Lennart (@tcastudios) here in the forums… for such a great camera plugin and also hoped that he would update it as time went on…and he stated that as long as he was using Cinema 4d and Steadycam…that he would update it. So, …not sure if he still is active or not…but hopefully he is and will port it over some day.


tcastudios.com is still online but indeed no real updates for 5 years. Guess he’s busy. Would be great to hear a word from Lennart.



Corona Render Beta 2 release candidate is out with R20 support. I’ve been using Beta 1 in production in R19 for almost a year now and it is a fantastic engine!



Hello Andreas. Thank you


4D Paint, 4D Publish, and all our other plugins, have been updated and now work with R20.

You can also now get a free 14 day demo version for R17, R18, R19 and R20.


For the next couple of weeks get 25% off using the coupon RELEASEDAY25OFF


HB ModellingBundle V2.3 has just been released. It is now fully compatible with R20 and comes with some great new modelling Tools:
Here is a Teaser:


I’m hoping for PointProjector , an amazing free plugin… maybe someone can convert it to run for R20?


It also has the source on github. This is an Invaluable plugin !!

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