R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


Biomekk Enhance doesn’t seem to work with R20. I have downloaded and installed in the Plugins in prefs but no joy. will try and follow up with the developer and let you guys know whats up

I have spoken with Chris Montesano and he says that although Enhance does work with R20 and I can confirm that it does load and works, there is no support yet for the node material editor which he says is because this part of the API has not been released to devs. This is a shame but understandable. I know it will work with Cycles so all is not lost.


“SOLO button” works with “visible in Edito/Renderer”, that means you see the Objects all the time in ObjectsWindow, you know better wahat is unvisible, and can use it for rendering purposes


Hoping for clearer information on X-particles in R20. How long is their next release gonna be tied up in a preview (with some limited features) form?

Redshift is supposed to be updated soon (in the next 1 or 2 point level updates according to developer). These typically come out very rapidly.
Don’t know about Octane but not expecting too soon.

Dem Earth is working well in R20.
Next Limit did a nice update of Realflow C4D, which is working well.


As a Mac user my alternate render options are limited. I have no GPU acceleration to speak of so I like Cycles a lot. It would be good to get some of the new 2.8 enhancements for sure.


As for Xparticles, I find it odd to have R20 version only in the “early beta” version…

How is this going to work? You need to install it on R19 first, then subscibe to preview, then copy it over R20 ?

Can you install the current build on R20 before switching to preview, will this even appear in the prefs ?



I am managing the updates manually, from my support helpdesk, via support ticket.


Did TCA stop developing? Is there no chance there may be a python rewrite?


Someone has official statements of “Vonc”, “xsYann” or “welter-4d”?

skinprops.com has an blogpost, maybe he is working on R20 updates…


R20 has been a challenge, unless you are willing and able to ignore all previous C4D builds any source updates need to build for previous C4Ds too. Updating a small plugin for this is not too bad, updating X-Particles and Cycles 4D, not so easy.

We’ve spent a good chunk of our development time solving this issue, so the next build will still be under Early Access so we can let the dust settle from R20. You don’t need to subscribe for the Early Access, you just download and use it (details are on our site). The builds are fully tested and somewhere between Beta and Release, but they allow us to get updates out to users faster and in stages. We will be releasing more information soon about the next X-Particles EA update, Release build and also Cycles 4D.

As for installing, you can’t install any plugin from before R20 because R20 will not load them. This information really needs to be clearly available somewhere (maybe it is?). The R20 API has significantly changed, in MAXONs own words “substantial API changes”. So you need a completely new plugin to work in R20. It is not just a simple recompile.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Obeardy, I’ll check out your site to see the procedure.


If it helps, I would consider proc3durale superseded at this point by the fields and volumes. Stick a noise field in a volume and you have pretty much the same functions.


Lot of useful information in this post. Thank you for continuing to take the time to post clarifications and comments in this forum. Was checking yesterday for a new EA build that might work with R20, sounds like we’ll have one soon.


“You don’t need to subscribe for the Early Access, you just download and use it (details are on our site).”

I certainly agree with the sentiment “This information really needs to be clearly available somewhere”

Anyone see these details on the Xparticles site? Can anyone provide a link?


In other plugin news:

I think Greyscale Gorilla has solved issues with HDRlink and HDR Browser. Their Signal plug-in is not yet ready for R20 but they are working on it.


It is the top of the main page, it has been the main item but the first slide is now about R20, so just wait a moment or click the second one, or the direct link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page if you just want to know how to get the EA download.



Okay, sure—help me understand how subscribing to the early access program is reconciled with “You don’t need to subscribe for the Early Access”

Can you see how that might be confusing?

AND I downloaded the EA build AND it doesn’t seem to work in R20.

Is is possible to just state in plain english what the procedure is to download and use X-particles in R20?


Please see the main page (the first slide about R20) and our social media, the R20 build will be out soon. The EA page shows under “How to get your Early Access download” how to download, there is no subscribing involved, just changing the server you download XP from.



So the current EA build is not ready for R20?


Unfortunately, I would consider True Symmetry to be completely dead at this point… as I was the person who would perform the mac builds for Shawn Foster (the original developer, who I don’t think has even opened c4d in years). I haven’t been asked to do a build in several years (R12 I think was the last time?).

I do believe I still have the source code, but even then I don’t know if I’d be able to revive it, as key functions were actually designed and written with the help of another developer that Shawn and I believe passed away several years ago (Whim Hoff, if anyone remembers him from the c4dcafe forum years back and knows what became of him, we’d like to know for the sake of closure).

I’ll reach out to Shawn and see what options are available.

Sorry for the bad news,


C4DR20 support for Redshift available now. :slight_smile: