R20 - plugin issues and updates


I’ve heard it said that R20 breaks all plugins - is it literally every single one? I know Coffee is gone so it makes sense that those break - but what about C++ and Python plugins? And if those break too, how difficult will it be for authors to get them ready for R20? I’m not too worried about the big players (Insydium, GSG, Cineversity, etc), I’m sure that’ll be fine. What I’m worried about is solo authors and other small operations.

A few I really need and would be sad to lose, and don’t seem to have related R20 updates:
HyPoly Mute Layers (I’d die without this - I don’t see any mentions of layer manager updates in R20)
HB Modeling Tools
Various NitroMan stuff
Michael Welter stuff
Code-Vonc stuff
Frostsoft - vertex normal tool
Many others


I don’t know for others, but while I had signed up for the MAXON Registered Developer program at the end of February, it seems I will have to wait for R20 to officially hit the streets in September.
Only then will I be able to start looking into updating all my plugins. I had hoped to be able to work on the plugins before R20 would be released to public, as to provide customers with R20-ready plugins. But since I am part of that public …


I’m guessing that many people will need to have two versions of C4D installed for at least a few years until they eventually ( if ever) ween themselves off their old plugins.

I can see this as being the new norm:
-Create something in older version using plugins
-Bake the results and save the file
-Open in R20 and continue working…

Of course.
None of this would be an issue at all if the people that supplied these plugins supplied the source code the way I always do.
Then the users could simply change the code and re-compile it against whatever version of the SDK they want.
I’m looking at you too Maxon *Cough Importers & Exporters source code *Cough.
But people are…well…I won’t say what people are. :wink:



People are quite flawed but pretty damn cool. There I finished it for you.


…and many of them have been extremely generous in providing plugins at no, or minimal, cost to many users. Thanks to them all.


+1 Yes…big thanks there. I’ve got a bunch of free and modestly priced gems.


Coffee scripts/plugins would need to be converted. I believe Maxon Labs has something to help with that(but I could be wrong).

All C++ plugins need to be updated to work with R20, and my understanding is that it’s somewhere between just compiling for the new version and rewriting the whole thing.

Python plugins are more than likely just fine and don’t need any updates unless parts of the API changed in R20.


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Typically I run older version like r19 with plugins and wait for new 20 version updates. Perhaps after one year you have working plugins in r20 too.


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