R18 no longer shows project thumbnail image on Windows


Ever since I started using R18, I am no longer able to view the scene"preview image" thumbnails of c4d files. All I get is the standard c4d logo when using Windows explorer (on both win7 and win10 machines). Even projects saved with earlier versions of C4D now just show the c4d logo and have lost their associated preview image.

If I go into Projects>Info you can change the scene preview image to a custom one or the current viewport, but this still makes no difference.

I am using the latest 18.041, but this has occurred in all versions of R18 on my machines.

Not sure if this i Windows specific or not, so wondering if anyone else has this issue, before I file it as a bug to Maxon?


I’ve had the same issue and the fix is as follows:

Go to start and run cmd as Administrator. You can type cmd and right-click the program and choose Run as Administrator.

Then type the following or if you highlight the line, once the cmd window is open you can right-click and choose paste.

regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18\resource\libs\win64\win_thumbnail.dll" 

Once complete, you might have to restart Windows to see the previews, but check without doing that first.


@Drew-Kerr …brilliant, thanks so much for that! I have to ask, how on earth did you work that out? Is that particular .dll library not installing automatically with R18 and this command manual installs it?

It is amazing how reliant you become with those project thumbnails, as I was really missing them. By the sounds of it, I should file this bug officially with Maxon…


I found it online when I had exactly the same problem a while back. You’re not alone. I kept a note of it for future reference…handy for you today!

It’s a DLL library file that sometimes doesn’t get registered by Windows at install time of Cinema 4D for some reason.

Not everyone has the problem though, so not sure it’s counted as a bug as such. In fact, I’ve had a few other Windows programs over the years fail to register DLLs correctly and had to do manual initialization like this before, so it’s not just a C4D issue.


Ok, great, thanks for the info. Strangely, I couldn’t find any info on this with all my searches. My google-fu is clearly not up to scratch!