R12 plugin round-up


It has been said that all plugins need to be alot of work to be ready for R12 (which of course is worrisome as some of our best plugs come from busy solo devs), and I was wondering about my favs (as well as plugs I’m considering buying). Here are the plugs I was wondering about - anybody chat with these devs about R12 versions? Maybe you devs can chime in if you have any release news? Also, should all Coffee plugs still work in R12?

Z-Blur (and other Biomekk plugs)
Paint on Surface
Align to Vector (defcon-X)
Degamma (I know LWF Is built in now, but I like the options/presets in DeGamma)
Michael Welter’s various plugins
Vray (does this need a big re-write like other plugs?)
PathDeformer (Renato)
Remotion plugs
Vue xStream connection
Other plugs I didn’t mention

Blackstar’s plugs are already R12 (Reference Shader, Splurf, etc)

[Please, no crabbing in this thread - just info and discussion]


Quite a few COFFEE based plugs work fine in R12, including SoloButton and Chestnuts.
Not all though, amongst other things a bug was fixed with COFFEE that means it’s properly case sensitive now so scripts that weren’t won’t work now until fixed up.

I’d love to see KyamaSlide fixed, really handy plugin for tweaking loops on character meshes : )
Copy paste polys is another really handy one.



Yes, Vray needs to be re-written in order to work with R12 and this will take some time acording to the devs over at the Vrayforc4d-forums. I’ve read that they are working for some time now on the Vray-for-R12-Version, since Maxon provided Beta Versions, but a lot of functions are still not working at the moment. No timeframe has been provided yet though.



My list:

fusionThing - Steve is working on this one (For all you who do not know, this plugin has ways of putting clones together that Mograph does not do, it welds the child objects together, you can define exactly how the child objects are propagated (By edge, a particular face or side, etc), it also has a great recursive function.

CellularShader (Welter Plugins)
Maxwell Render
NoiseDeformer (Welter Plugins)


I’ve heard from at least one user that my MDD-I/O plugin no longer works. It’s been discontinued and I really have no plans to upgrade to C4D 12 given Maxon’s new price structure.


A handy little workflow plugin that I really like is ‘Deformation’ by xs_yann© 2007.
It’s a plugin that creates deformers to fit and orient with the currently selected object.

This is COFFEE based, but didn’t work in R12. I opened the .cof file up though and managed to fix it by changing a few lines and commenting out any references to Bone objects (since they no longer exist in R12).

So here’s a fixed version, hoping it’s ok to post as it was free originally, all credit to the original coder.



Nice to know. I like this plugin.

Regarding DPIT Effex: Samir sent out an email stating that he is working on it.

Also (adding to list):



Lennart mentioned the other day that SteadyCamPro was in the works for R12, there were some issues that needed sorting out though.

The other one I’ve grown quite attached to is AIT from totalemersionstudios, hoping that will find its way onto R12 too. And Thrausi, but mike already mentioned these.

Should mention that I wouldn’t object to paying upgrade fees for any of these, it’s understandable if there’s a few days work in re-coding for the new version that there should be some incentive for the developer, especially smaller niche products.


^ That reminds me of Harvester too from TotalEmersion. I use it all the time in 11.5.

And of course Cactus Dans character plugins, and Symmetry and Transfer tools.
I’d say these will take a lot of work as the coordinate system in Cinema is now changed a lot with the introduction of Freeze Transforms, but if anyone can handle that, it’s Dan :wink:



add-the-sea…on their site, motion-gimmick said they are in their last tests for a v12 release and it will be out around Sept 10


Not sure how many people out there use my plugins, but it looks like a lot of them are not going to work in R12 until I purchase the upgrade and recompile - which will probably not happen for several months, if at all (I may skip this update unless a client requires it).

Sorry, folks.



So far, all of my free plugins have been rebuilt/tested and are available for Cinema 4D R12, Windows/MacOS, 32/64-bit. Will be working on the three commercial plugins over the next weeks.




Just tried your Batch Rename Objects plug in R12 and it works fine.

Great to see the Kuroyume plugs ported, many thanks.



Hi all,

I received a reply from Per-Anders on the Storm Tracer forum that it would be updated for R12.



Hello to all
Adam, early Destruction v0.1.3 (that win32 only) for r12 - http://www.box.net/shared/7f75sx7om2
And LightLister - http://www.box.net/shared/v0y62q8t28 . All copyrights are yours.

Robert, Brian thanks for update!

Recompiled AMa_ChamferMaker (// Copyright 2006, A.Marchenko) - http://www.box.net/shared/7qhxknsr2g


That’s interesting… I thought SCP was just a lot of XPresso and User Data… did the update screw with XPresso too?


Possibly he used coffee nodes. Most COFFEE should work but not all can be guaranteed sadly. They tried as best as possible to support legacy code but event hen its best to update and correct things to help future proof them. Perhaps Lennart’s exploring doing it with Python too?

Here is a list of ones known to have support for R12 as of release day. I’ve not had a chance to add in the newer ones that have been announce in this thread

e-on Software
Vue xStream www.e-onsoftware.com

Total Emersion Studios
Automatic InlineTangents www.totalemersionstudios.com
Harvester www.totalemersionstudios.com

Jawset Visual Computing
TurbulenceFD http://www.jawset.com

Blackstar Solutions
Reference Shader http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=4
enDOFin http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=33
SPLURF http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=39
Cinapsis http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=45
Photometric IES-LDT-Shader http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=51
Camera Shader http://blackstar-solutions.de/index.php?id=57

C4D Jack
SurfaceSPREAD http://www.c4d-jack.de
SplineSPREAD http://www.c4d-jack.de
Oscillator node http://www.c4d-jack.de
GearBuilder http://www.c4d-jack.de
SceneDocumentor http://www.c4d-jack.de
Sidewalk http://www.c4d-jack.de
TrainDrive http://www.c4d-jack.de

Smart Page
Smart Tween http://www.smart-page.net/smarttween
Smart ResMon http://www.smart-page.net/smartresmon
Smart Outline http://www.smart-page.net/smartoutline
Smart Save http://www.smart-page.net/smartsave
Smart TexPath http://www.smart-page.net/smarttexpath
Smart PRS http://www.smart-page.net/smartprs

Lorenzo Biondi
CageDeformer http://www.abulafia.it/cagedeformer.htm

rhino.io http://www.rhino.io

Heyne Multimedia
DRIVE http://www.c4dplugin.com
Spline Patch http://www.c4dplugin.com
STACX http://www.c4dplugin.com

Rui Batista
CMYK Shader http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm
Align&Distribute http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm
PSR Clipboard http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm
Find&Replace http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm
Aligner http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm

EdgeShader http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=18
Enhance:C4D http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=1
Lumen 2 http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=27

Matthias Bober
Shorty (Goodies CD)
Set Modeling Axis (Goodies CD)
Real Fresnel (Goodies CD)
Project Points (Goodies CD)
Flatten (Goodies CD)
Axis to Null (Goodies CD)


Does anyone know if the GoZ Bridge from ZBrush 4 will work or (as I assume) if it has to be adapted then if it is in the works already and an update foreseeable?
I have been waiting so long for this connection (on PC) and the integration with R11.5 is a dream to work with c4d and Z compliment each other so well, I would have to continue working with R11.5 at least as long as doing modelling and texturing in projects.




Its done, www.blackstar-solutions.de was so kind and did the port to R12 for free thanks guys … you’ll find the new version on the old page www.defcon-x.de


[i]As from my side it will probably take a while till someone takes the time to alter the code of AVT Align to Vector (www.defcon-x.de) hence I can not code in C++

Last time Robert Templeton did the port to 64bit and R11

If anybody else wants to get his hands dirty just head to the website and download the original code.

greetings mogh


Hello Jan, thanks. I’m not programmer(engineer as you), but try to learn c++. My experience is x86-compiling, soon 64-bit(mac no). I tried to assembly several open-source(or source was in inet) plugins.
ok i stop, I download tarball yesterday(what was last?).