Quick Search?


Okay, this may sound really stupid, but I’ve tried using the quick search option and when I hit search after typing in something like “Painter, photoshop, child” the window says I haven’t entered search criteria (and clears the search menu). It’s getting frustrating. So the only way right now I’m able to search is using the search by artist method. Anyone else having trouble with keywords? Am feeling quite inadequate right now :slight_smile:


keywords are exclusive, if you enter photoshop, painter and child the search must have all 3 keywords. I suspect many images tend to be either photoshop, or painter.


Gotcha. I went back later, and tried more common words as you suggested- ie : photoshop, painter, and found some great portfolios. Is there any way to add a search category according to style, or content? www.portraitartist.com has an extensive search where the portfolios are broken down into medium used, age group, formal, informal, outdoor, indoor, business, women in gowns, pets, etc.

I have enjoyed CG’s Portfolio.



not unless people have used them as keywords; Once i get some idea of which keywords are being used, it should be possible to see what sort of searches I can do with the data.


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