Questions from a Starting Previz Artist



I did a 3-year undergrad in computer animation and admittedly did not do too well. After a year out I saw there was a masters course in Pre-Visualisation. Which was advertised as kinda a cross between cinematography but with a Maya camera.

I’m in my first semester now and I’m not gonna lie, I’m not quite sure I understand this role.

On my course, I’ve been asked to use textured, nice looking environments, lighting and rigs. Was even asked to tidy and animate walk cycles. But when I look up previz reels of people in the industry the models are just sliding around and models are very basic and it seems like it’s not all that necessary.

The role seems confusing because it seems kind of simple. I don’t know how to model or create rigs. I’m not a strong animator at all. I’m good at pose for pose stuff but not detailed. I feel like someone with better animation experience could have a better chance of getting a previz job than me.

What is it about the role that stands out? are there good job opportunities in the industry once I graduate or is it niche and hard to get into?

I have lots of deadlines due soon and I’m self-conscious about my animation and model skills but I feel like they don’t matter, but I don’t want that to be a lazy way out also.

If there is anyone in the Previs or Layout Artist industry that could lend me some advice it would be appreciated as I’m kinda worried about it all. (I’m under the impression that layout artist and previz are the same role. if not would like to be informed)

(p.s. I am aware this is research I should have done before applying for the course. I guess I thought I knew what it was until I actually started.)



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