Question: Tutorials for people that are new to rigging?


Oh okay. Why not use max? I guess you really want the easy way out. I don’t blame you. But aren’t there a bunch of tutorials that come with the program? I found some on their main website, It looks like the videos cover it all.
It looks to me like Puppetshop is a tool for animators who need a quick rig. I mean, the whole thing is customizable, so a typical rigger could do just fine making a set-up using Puppetshop, then go under the hood and edit more if the plug-in doesn’t do the thing they need. But, I wouldn’t say this could replace having an understanding of rigging with Max. It would be like a programmer needing a speech to text application or something.


Does anybody know of a tutorial (book, website, dvd, etc…) of how to rig a character for fighting? Such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, or Dead or Alive? Or can any rig be used for something like this? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks! :thumbsup:


From what I understand, your standard rig will do the trick. You will find the greatest advantage by using a mocap compatible rig. Fortunately, Max has a built in, ready to go rig that works with BIP files. MotionBuilder is another great choice.


Does anybody know of a tutorial (book, website, dvd, etc…) of how to rig a character for fighting? Such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, or Dead or Alive? Or can any rig be used for something like this? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks! :thumbsup:

The biped is a good option for fighting characters. The biggest thing I would suggest for fighting characters (or any animation) is study hours and hours of footage on people fighting. I have seen lots and lots of fighting animations over my time and I can say only two or three of all those animations were worth watching. Over at I’m going to start putting up more and more tutorial on animation using references to create better animations.


Ok so I am modeling a Kidrobot toy and trying to rig it. I am having issues with the binding, but I think it has to do with the joints or something. Has anyone had this issue?

I click on the mesh, than the skeleton and go to Skin>BindSkin>Smooth Bind.

And when I do that it binds and it’s nice and stuff but, whenever I lift my arm control up, not only does the arm move, but the entire side of the body moves upwards and out, and the head goes inwards. It’s all weird, just take a look at my image and you’ll see.

Can ANYONE help me through this issue? PLEASE?


can u help me all my question answers?

  1. what is the parent switching?
  2. what is the elbow locking and knee locking?
  3. what is the bendy arm setup and bendy leg setup?

plz answers me with video tutorials…because i don’t know how to creating …


hi Eek…
great ieda…
plz send me your web space link becuse i will see and i do to creat more advane rigging myself…
plz quikly now…


hi eek…

send me the your web space link…
i will see and i wll do to advance rigging my setup
becuse right now i m student so i m working on my showreel…and i know maya8.0 not 3dmax but still i have intrest to get more knowlege…


You need to understand that people don’t just hand you information, especially on demand, in video format, addressing your desired topics. If you want easy info that answers all of your questions, you will probably need to purchase tutorials from Gnomon or Digital Tutors, or one of the many other fine commercial organizations. Finding quality video walkthroughs related to rigging is not so easy, it’s not impossible, but you’re probably going to have to combine information from many sources to get what you need. There are great books and tutorials out there for purchase.


hi desigingpatrick…
plz send me book name and all gnomon tutorials purchase to need me… but right now i want to my 3 question cover in gnomon tutorials…


Really? Let me suggest that you run a search through Google for “Gnomon Character Rigging”.

Here, I did it for you;

The third link down looks like a good one.

Please listen to me on this; you need to learn to seek information for yourself, no employer will feel responsible to do your work for you.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process given your desire to learn! Let me know if there is anything else.


Man, love a fourm jump. Hello again everybody. I skimed through this thread and diddn’t find anything paticular to the question I have, so if I missed it, sorry. My question is how do the size of bones and or their placement within a mesh effect the mesh in 3DS? I am currently doing my first rig and have a high poly model. I’ve seen many tuts on rigging some good some bad so I don’t realy need a tut link, just an explination of how the bone should be withn a mesh. To be more spacific I have a high poly female and am using the standard female biped with added fingers and toes. As I see it with my own tinkering some bones work good poking out, while others are hidden or directly centered and work just as good. However Im having difficulty figguring out where they should technicaly be to save time later on in the modeling process. Just wondering if there is a rule of sorts that I should know when it comes to placement of the bones and how this effects the envelopes adjustmet stage of rigging. So if anyone in the industry or is handy with the art. I am all ears. all in all I just need some pointers, rules that my teacher does not know about as he has never done this professionaly. I would hate to develop a destructive work flow just because I was not shown the correct or current way to rig. Man I hate ITT.


I’m also at ITT. Although my instructor has a good deal of professional experience with rigging using Max. The size of the joints mildly affects the area of influence when auto skin and envelopes are concerned. I’ve learned to override that stuff using the weight table, I’ve had the best results with that and painting weights.


Well glad to see that it’s not all ITT’s. To tell you the truth I’m just learning this art. We are in week 9 of this class (I trust you have the same schedule) and I’m just now discovering so many more options of animation and it’s many tools then what was covered in the class. But I have not done near as much research as I should have. You get what you put in, right? Well thanks for the advice. I honestly don’t know anything about weights so I’m off to learn. Thanks again and back to the work bench.


Hiya, here’s a set of YouTube video tutorials I made about a nice way to set up a reverse IK foot/leg in Blender 2.5.


Hi I just made a thread but I don’t think it went through, so I’ll post my questions here. Apologies if this is in the inappropriate section. I understand if it needs to be moved.

I’m trying to model and animate orange peel in 3ds max 2010 for a community project - I thought this would be a great place to ask for those experienced modelers and animators out there.

Currently I want to create orange peel that spirals out as an orange rolls. This stock photo shows exactly what I mean:

It doesn’t have to be exactly like this but that’s the general idea. Comprises to make it simpler can be made if it’s causing me too many problems, though it’d be a personal achievement, being relatively new to all this media, to accomplish this.

Basically, I want to create a spiral shape (the peel) that hugs nicely over a sphere (flesh of the orange) but can then be pulled out as if it were peeling.

I thought about the option of using a line path and drawing a spiral, and then modeling around that line path and rigging it from there. But is this correct way? I’m somewhat comfortable with 3ds max but I’m certainly no expert.

Any suggestions or useful links would be massively appreciated!



You might want to look into cloth simulations, for the ripping.


woah , as i can see that the last post here was from last year , let me revive this again by asking a newbie question…

i’ve been using max for sometime now, to do a few animation projects and have only been successful using biped models and envelope it to my model ,

but the problem is that biped models cannot be modified to a specific shape you wanted for your model (and if it can i dont know how) and animating them to walk manually frame by frame( which really look sloppy)

i just recently learned about bones and IK solvers through various tutorials online

problem is thats about it and i cant seem to get the certain smooth movement i wanted , i saw some tutorials using bones and IK but theres this thing they call controllers which blows my head off i cant really understand it well , the only part that i understand is that you need them to control a specific action on your rig

if anyone could shed light to this it would be highly appreciated


There are several video tutorials at about rigging. Go to tutorials tab at the top of the site then 3D studio max then Rigging. This will truly help you will all your problems.


thanks for the link i’ll look into it once i’m out from work, cant play video’s here

i forgot to ask …

does rigging need to have Maxscript set on it ? 0 i read some topics here and there are a few topics about it , problem is that i cant really understand programming well … do you also have any link for those