Question: Tutorials for people that are new to rigging?


anyone got more skinning tutor files to share?


Actually a really good one for beginners is in the “Learning Maya 7 foundation” originally published by Alias. It uses the robot character from the short film “Blue”.
Actually I am going to University of Advancing Tecnology (UAT) in the Digital Animation program and am finishing up a rigging class. The Alias book has been a great help to me, especially in understanding the reverse foot rig. I think you can still get the book from Amazon.



Has it really been 3.5 years since anyone has posted questions on this thread?

Never mind, I was looking at the wrong date…hmmmm



am new to this forums,i want a mouse rigged character for maya 7,please help me get this one i tried a lot but i cant find it,


try searching for quadriped tutorial, I saw one recently sorry can’t remember where, may have even been on cgtalk.


go to … they have a fox rigging tutorial … it’s a pdf and they have also given the files for download . you can search in the 3d and animation section


I wasn’t sure how much help i might get from these forums. You all seem very busy. But the situation I’m in is that my prof. took a sick leave for a week, and now we have spring break, and my prof. isn’t responding to any of my emails. So i need some help.

I am using Maya 2008 and am trying to create a rig for a FOUR armed insect humanoid. The problem is…

(1) I wanted to make sure the arm JOINTS were layed out ok.

(2) Then, i am not sure what i am doing wrong with the IK handles. I am missing or skipping something, so that when i move the IK, the arm does not bend, it simply rotates.

(3) How do i combine the left and right “body” geometry so that i don’t lose the constructed UV Map? I’m not sure, because when i mirror geometry, then combine… it creates a whole new UV map ?

If someone out there has atleast any information to help me, please do. I dont want to waist my entire break simply because my prof isn’t responding quick enough to emails. What I’d like to do is send you my Maya Binary file (.mb) and have you take a look at it for youself. Just write to … … and title it “I WILL HELP” So that i don’t miss it. Otherwise simply reply to this post. I’ll keep checking because i can’t move forward until i figure these out.

Thank you for your time.



Here is a viewport preview of how the setup that is in the max file looks.…ort_preview.avi

Total time to setup the actual weighting of verts on this aproximately 5 to 10 minutes.

The zip file and other stuff can be downloaded here

Matthew Dicks


hello friend m new in rigging & i want to learn muscle rigging …now m working on maya 8 so please give me basic tutorials links … please …



Here´s my new book page rigging tutorial for Cinema 4D. This is particularly for new users in rigging and very helpful to learn the basics.


I am searching for some help with 3ds Max 2008 and rigging.

Basically the school I went to work mostly with Maya and so all of my rigging experience comes from Maya. Well the problem is the company I am working/interning at uses 3ds max and unreal. It hasn’t been a problem yet as I been doing grunt weighting work so far but I was told the other day that I will have some real rigging work coming down the pipe line for me. It just going to be some small robot meshes, Inline my problem, I never really worked with Max.

If anyone has any tutorials(as most of the links are not broken) that would help me learn the interface of Max and rigging, even better if it was geared towards importing into UT3. I know a good bit so far from my days with maya just need something to brush up on my skills and to learn the 3ds Max system in my free time.



if your a really good rigger please email me at i need my charators rigged from head to toe.



I just wanted to ask what is the industry standard for rigging? Like modeling’s Zbrush. Thank you.


There is Maya, which is basically the top. But all the other apps like Max, Cin4D, Lightwave, XSI, Blender are good too.

Maya might take the cake because it is easy to extend basic functionality through MEL and Python, which is not so unique by itself, but it is a more well-rounded program than some of the other ones so it’s kind of a complete package thing. Plus a large portion of the studios use it.

I don’t think that z-brush is the industry standard modeling app though, many places only use it to generate textures. It’s more of a specialty app.


Thanks for the info designingpatrick.

Well, I’m just going to lay this thousand echoed question on the table, is there any “bible” book about rigging? What’s rigging’s traditional art roots?


I don’t know about a bible, maybe there is one. Rigging is relatively new. Most of the current developments in character rigging were established by the late 90’s, although IK movement was first presented @ SIGGRAPH in 89’ or something. Don’t quote me on that though. Rigging is half science half art. I think the biggest impact that a rigger can make for the animator is through clear, indestructible rigs and great skinning with appropriate deformations. Really rigging is a lot about transparency, so that the animator can get creative and not waste any time.

Let me know if you come across any good info!


hey every 1
im looking for a tutorial 4 Lumonix.Puppetshop
i mean a complete tutorial from skining to animate not just tips ?
and i have a question ?
do u think Lumonix.Puppetshop is a good rigging tool or not im new in it
i dont like complex tools like biped
i prefer some kind of ik


PuppetShop might be a fine program, but I wouldn’t call it “industry standard”. Depending on what your goals are it will be a good choice. For myself, I wouldn’t spend any time with it, because I am focusing on getting a job in the industry; the percentage of studios using Maya/Max/XSI/Lightwave/Cinema 4D is much larger than the percentage using PuppetShop. If you are just looking to get something done quickly and easily, this might be your best bet, although there are quick and easy solutions in all 3D apps these days.


puppetshop is plug for max. At least the one I bought, which is now free.