Question: Tutorials for people that are new to rigging?


if you need any webspace, i am your man, i got a WHOLE damn load of it! i could mirror your project or even host it if you want!

I wanna help you out, since i am very interested in rigging and animating characters in max and since there are pretty few tutorials on how to do this, i think you have a very good idea!

I hope you will take advantage of my offer, altho you may have already found someone else to help you out!


hi folks!

I’ve been trying all sorts of systems with 3dsmax 6 to try to completely skinning this character , or just making it seem acceptable specially around the elbow deformations. Can’t see how to post a pic yet but imagine a Bruce lee cut like character, quite hi-poly. I can’t do much out of morph angle deformers since they’re single-axis deformer. Now I’m facing dozens of pretty complicated skinning patterns but I’ve spent too much time on trying to rig now I got to start animate,iso I’m looking for the cheapest way to do a decent looking deformation, if it looks like low-budget short film I couldn’t care less for now, just want it to acceptable and maybe just do a bit of rotoscopy afterward. Right now I make deformation where I start to animate even if skinning isn’t good, then shoot, then morph the worst vertices of the worst frames to a correct position and until then pray that I made the right choice. Well thanks for reading good ol’ me.



All that tutorials are gonna to be my Holly Bible !

Thank you :thumbsup:


man i cant wait for that, thank you so much :bounce:


Hi Guys,

Based on my experience building my robotic squirrel and some advice of others, I’ve written a tutorial for rigging robotic/mechanical joints, including pistons and hose:

I hope ya’ll like it :slight_smile:


Where can I find Eek’s tutorials?


Your site seems to be down. Is there another site that you host from?


Does anybody know of any tutorials that focus on real-time character rigging? Isn’t rigging for low-poly game characters a different approach than the high-poly cinematic models?

I’m a total noob, and would greatly appreciate any info and/or links on the subject.


wich one do you guys recommend to start with? i`m asking for the simple one of all.
Totally noob here


Booker21 asked about where to start learning rigging for the completely un-initiated.

Since it’s all new, you’re in luck: You can start anywhere, but you must remember to start simply. Try doing something with a very simple rig as quickly as possible.

Working with the limitations of a basic rig will help you to appreciate each new tool or doo-dad that the software has or that some clever rigger here can teach you.

Remember that when you read about someone’s latest and greatest rig, it was likely built for a character with very specific needs.

If you’re just starting, then your needs should be basic. Don’t complicate your way with unnecessary complexity right off the bat.

make a simple rig without fingers or facial expressions. Then grab some sound bites or record your own, and start posing. Videotape yourself or your friend, or your nephew, and watch this as you work.

A ‘Magic Bullet’ rig is either going to be difficult to manage, or unnecessarily hard on system resources. (advice subject to change without notification) :slight_smile:

A number of pre-fab rigs are out there. “Final Rig” is a free bi-pedal rig from Radiant Square. Looks to have alot of features, and you can start animating that right away.

Not to mention:
Learn all you can about classical animation; learn to draw, to see, to move, and act, to see and feel weight; mass, emotion.

Move it!


Hey guys.

Im graduating from animation in a few weeks here but as of the last few months i have really started getting into rigging and character set up. some things i would like to try to put into character and learn how to do include

Strechy IK and FK
Bendy arms and legs
Strechy bendy spine
more quadraped rigging ideas

and overall just a better workflow. I have seen on some sites like goosh’s page and such that they show the final of what they are trying to do, but i would really like to know how to build these from the ground up (especially the strechy bendy arms and legs that can switch between IK and FK)

anyhoo, if anyone has any real good solid tutorials on that they could share or be willing to help me out i would really really be very super thankful.



Check it out!


Check out ‘the art of rigging’ book and dvd. “Chock full” of exactly that.
Video Tutorials are concise (quick, too) and well done. You’ll learn alot.



Hello Im tryng to make a skeleton on my model but I need some help if anyone could help me binding the skin?

Thank you!


While this thread is somewhat old, its a sticky so there shouldn’t be any problem posting in it =].

Anyway great tutorial links guys, except they don’t really cater to what I’m looking for… I’ve got my skeleton all fitting nicely, but the deformations at the armpits and groin area never deform correctly! This is something I’m trying to learn to overcome, but the main problem is the majority of the tutorials are designed to show how to build a rig from scratch or to apply a skin modifier. They don’t, however, go in detail about error checking and specific methods to fix and change envelopes for realistic deformation. In my case for the limbs.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




The trick in answering your question is that there is no ‘silver bullet’ process for building or troubleshooting a rig.

  • Generally, though, consider what range of actions your character needs to do.
  • Using combinaions of deformers, constraints, skeletons, and such, build your rig with those specifications in mind.
  • Once it is setup, test it to see if it can perform those actions.
  • If it can’t, go re-work it.

Learn your goal:
Make sure you are really familiar with your target objective. If it’s realistic deformations, then study anatomy both human and critter.

Learn your tools:
Try all the tools available in Maya’s ‘Animation’ Menus. Get to know them. If there are things you don’t recognize in there, open up the docs and/or search the web. Don’t underestimate the documentation of any software.

If you are a beginner, you have more to learn but that’s alright! START SIMPLY. That way, you won’t get stressed about things you don’t (yet) know.
You didn’t run before walking… Learn the basics and how all those little bits work first before worrying about the perfect squinching, watering, rippling eye blink.

Personal experience is the tutorial that no one else can write but yourself, and no better teacher!

If you’ve made it this far, though, you might be interested in looking up techniques which involve morphing your skinned mesh into Blendshape targets that compensate for bad deformations. Steven Stahlberg used this technique, I recall, and explains it fairly well. Start with him for some details and then look for more recent developments on this concept.

Good luck!


its for maya =[… im a total noob in rigging with 3dsmax, you think i can follow it through??


My personal opinion is, yes, but I checked the press release from the authors and their own pitch for the book agrees:

" Because each chapter is designed to become progressively more advanced, readers can quickly find the information they need regardless of whether they are at a novice or professional level. "

plus, Kiaran’s tutorials on the DVD are all very well-paced. He wastes no time and explains thoroughly the concepts he is trying to convey. Every bit as pleasant as a Gnomon DVD. (you’ll want to look those up, too…)

Get chapter overviews on the website as well… Look them over and see if they inspire you some more. Good luck and don’t forget to tell us how it went back here in-forum!



im also wanting some easy tutorials . but which u sent, may be i cant find , man. so plz send again.


where are eek’s tutorials???