Question: Tutorials for people that are new to rigging?


some advanced rigging in 3ds max :

they also create a plugin for muscles



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Any rigger that is really serious about rigging has to get the Jason Schleifer DVD’s, but as mentioned so many times before they are not for beginners. I would seriously recommend first trying out some of the tutorials and seeing if you are really interested in rigging. If you decide it’s something you really like and want to get into it deeper, then the DVD’s are a must!!!

Good Luck to all who embark on this journey :thumbsup:



hey people, this thread is right on que. Im looking for some lightwave rigging tutorials.
Just the basics should do,normally i work in messiah,but im wondering what lightwave is worth nowadays,if anyone can help i would be gratefull,i didnt find any myself so far.


Hey Everybody,

I just finished the first part of my tutorial. It’s a tutorial on rigging an IK/FK arm and using double joints to get better twisting deformation.

Here is the link:

Back2Back Website - Tutorial

Just go to the Support section and it’s there.




I’ve recently started a new set of tutorials on character rigging specifically using Max 5 bones, wiring, controllers, and different IK Solvers. So far I’ve covered the eyes and the arm, including three different ways to rig the forearm to get a smooth twisting motion.

I’ve tried to keep things simple and explain every step, but rigging is by its nature a semi-advanced concept. So some familiarity with Max and bones in general always helps.

I would love some feedback regarding how easy the lessons are to follow, and whether anyone has any problems with them.

The tuts can be found in the C.R.O.I. Project section.


These guys have some great free video tutorials (for max but they promise maya in the future):


The english version of Joan of Arc includind the Bones and skinning



I just updated my site with more rigging tutorials.


hi, i have a few rigging tutorials on my site to (for softimage|XSI though) but methodolgy should be adaptable to any software types perhaps… anyway, heres the link to my tutorial page :


Hey FatAssasin,
I was looking for tutorials on rigging the spine (in smax). I saw you have a link on your site, but it doesn’t work. Just wondering if there’s something wrong, or is it not finished yet maybe?


Oops. The spine section isn’t done yet, I got ahead of myself there.


I’m also waiting for the new sections, you know why, my friend :wink:



I know I’ve been slacking with the tutorials lately. But I’ve been doing other really cool stuff. I promise! :cool:


does anyone know of some beginner rigging tutorials for XSI?



Originally posted by Tikisan
[B]does anyone know of some beginner rigging tutorials for XSI?

thanks [/B]
im joining to to the request :slight_smile:


i have some rigging tutorials for xsi , and a series of video tutorials on basic rigging which may help.

hope it helps.


Anyone know really good rigging tutorials for Lightwave 7.5?


liquidcrow -> I had been looking for the same. check out Just been over an excellent video tut on rigging availabe there by digiwonk. Highly recommended. it’s in 18 parts. :thumbsup:


I really need to find a tut on rigging a four legged creature…anybody know o fone?


You didn’t really specify an app. I guess a tut for any app would help for the most deparate.