Question: Tutorials for people that are new to rigging?


Hey, I’m new to rigging and most of the tutorials I’ve been reading aren’t newbie friendly. I was hoping someone could point me to beginner rigging tutorials, preferably for Maya 4.5.

Thanks for any help!


I’ve got a few on my site:

But I’m working with Lluis Llobera on some full character rigging tutorials… from start to finish.

We’ll keep everybody posted when they are done…



I would suggest looking at these sites for tutorial lists ->

Also, you may want to check out the book Inspired 3D Character Setup, and the video AliasWavefront Maya Techniques Fast Animation Rigs. (Though both are a bit pricey, they contain excellent information).

I hope this helps :beer:


As well as the above perhaps try this digital tutors link

which also has some nice rigging video tutorials. (scroll down to the Neex project part I and II)


this link for a html walkthrough of the process…

ps- I’m looking foward to more Goosh goodies. Thanks Man!


joe has a few good ones here at his site…



That sounds great goosh! Definitely keep us updates on your up and coming rigging tutorials! Can’t wait…


What would it take to make a Tutorial Sticky?


I am new to rigging also but I am needing Max Tutorials…Can anyone help?


this thread cries make me a sticky.


I also am a maxer that needs rigging tutorials.

I also tried the one’s in the help section of the max program.
I completed it but, i need a 4 legged beast :wink: rigging tut.

I would like to use bones instead of biped or if theirs a good tutorial on both “combining the two” is that possible?



The joan of arc tutorial is max specific and covers the character creation process pretty well. I know there is a rigging and weighing bit to it too so for max users that might be a good place to start. I havent read the rigging section because it is max specific and I am a maya user, but since I have used some of the modelling parts I think that the rigging steps will follow suit and be of some use. Hope this helps.



I’m looking for tutorials on painting weightmaps for realistic humanoid movements. So far I’ve only found some on toon characters. I’m completely new to character rigging and up to now I’ve utterly failed in rigging my first character. Some links or reference pics might be very helpfull.
I’m using Cinema4d but I guess the principles are always more or less the same.


twisted-ankle: well the weight maps for humanoid chars are somewhat the same like those for toon chars…you just have to fit it to your model…i think your prob is, at least it sounds to me like this, that you experience some unnatural bending in the joints of your char…therefor it’ll be necessary to apply some kind of ‘smartskin’-technique which is in short terms self adjusting morph targets linked to bones’ angle changes…curious 'bout smartskin? search the web for smartskin and don’t forget to visit joel dryers website…there’s a pretty good vid-tut ready to download (although it’s for lightwave and not for c4d, so it handles with some specific lw techniques but the idea is cross-platform)

have fun riggin


thanks schmu_20mol, I’ll check it out.




I agree 1,000 times. Though I don’t think those are “noobie friendly” either =)


Here is a link to a max tut by Sergio Muciño at 3DTotal, which IMHO looks very helpful. It covers all the changes to bones in Max 4 as well.


dear frinds

please guide me that how can i find a good tutorial for character modeling in max .


i’m immersing myself in the field too now.
here’s the resources i came across (for 3ds max)

I also look forward to 3dbuzz 3dsmax VTM #6, wich will be all about rigging, and the tutorial Eek is talking about in the facial rig thread. also, on maxTD there will be a riggingtutorial for r5 soon.


Originally posted by JIII
this thread cries make me a sticky.

done. and will remain as long as people keep updating this thread with links/info :slight_smile: