Question on presenting storyboards


I´ve had this question 4 quite a few days:

Suppose you have to pitch the process of your storyboard on a place that´s not ideal for it (for example, a cafe, or a mall, because of a meeting), and you need your drawings to be separate in order to add or substract for the new suggestions of the person you are meeting

My question then is: How can you make this presentation look the most professional possible?

But above all: What could be the best materials to use for in this kind of situations?,(of course making them viable to be carried around and without the danger of having your takes flying all around the place or falling?)

Thanks a lot,:smiley:


  1. Do your storyboards on 4x6 index cards (or similar).
  2. Arrange them in a photo album.
  3. As needed you can pull them out and re-arrange.
  4. If you need a new angle/scene, sketch it out on a blank card and insert it into the album
  5. punch holes in the cards that allow them to be collected onto a ring, chain, etc.
  6. flip through the cards for your presentation
  7. pull them out and rearrange as needed per your client.
  8. If you need a new angle/scene, sketch it out on a pre-punched blank card and add it to your ring.

digital Alternatives:
a. Take digital photos of your storyboard and use an iphone to flip through them. To add a drawing, sketch it in your book, snap a photo and add it to the folder.
b. Take digital photos and use a presentation package (e.g. Powerpoint) to flip through them. You can schlep it around on a usb drive.


Thanks a lot Texsanity!


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