[Question] Good Modeling Practices


Hello, I am learning 3D as a hobby in order to export them in a game environment. It is within this scope that my questions are formed.

My questions are: 1) Is it typically a bad idea to not combine all mesh parts before declaring a model finished? and

  1. Is it a bad idea to have some parts of a model just clip through other parts of the mesh, without actually melding the two pieces together onto the soon-to-be final model?

(Below is an example of what I mean in question #2)


It really depends on your gaming engine. If the asset works fine combined, then combine it. You’re obviously not worried about topology here, given that you’re using both triangles AND quads, so it appears that you’re just going for the mesh shape?

Topology really only matters if an asset is animated OR if you need to develop a decent texture for it, as opposed to using a procedural texture.


This is the first time I’ve heard about a procedural texture. What is that exactly?

The model you see in the picture isn’t mine, it’s a free model given to users over on a 3D modeling site. I downloaded it for study, you see. I was also taken aback by the sheer amount of triangles and overall hideous topology on some parts of the overall model. The part with all the triangles is armor for the character.


A procedural texture is one that is generated by math parameters, by various equations, properties, and attributes such as a fractal pattern. Almost every 3D package has some built-in, such as Maya’s “Snow” shader or pretty much any shader that doesn’t use a texture map.

A texture-map is of course a bitmap which is wrapped onto the geometry, and it has a resolution limit equal to the original file being used.

A procedural texture has no resolution limit, since it’s all built by the parameters. Fractals like marbles and water patterns and stuff like that, basically, although they can be very powerrful and complex if you make them so.


Thanks for sharing some procedure advice and combination,i am still a beginner i hope i could learn fast here.