Question? editable poly or editable mesh



sorry. i am new to 3ds max.

may i know what different between editable poly and editable mesh?

is editable poly much more powerful than editable mesh?

when i should use editable mesh ?


EditableMesh was the main geometry type in 3ds max 1.0 to 4.0.
It uses only triangular polygons (3 vertices per face) and fakes quads by changing the visibility of edges between triangles. Edges are not part of the data structure, they are implicitly defined through the face defition and visibility flags. For that reason, performing operations like cutting and splitting edges are rather slow with large meshes. Display in the viewports is rather fast though, because the graphics card drivers usually expect triangles (or even better, triangle strips).

In 3ds max 4.0, the EditablePoly geometry type was introduced. It implements the Winged Edges technology originally used in Nendo and Mirai. It supports N-gons where the data structure contains explicit edges. For this reason, cutting, slicing, splitting etc. of edges is very fast (the software does not have to search for edges in the data, it can access edges directly), making many modeling operations much faster than in EMesh.
Viewport display is alot slower than with editable Mesh, because the polygonal data is not directly transferable to the graphics card and requires additional preparation. Adding a MeshSelect or TurnToMesh on top of an EditablePoly stack can speed up viewport navigation though.
Another difference is that EPoly currently provides a base object only, but no EditPoly modifier. 3ds max 7 will add an animatable EditPoly modifier to use Editable Poly operations anywhere on the modifier stack though. Some of the new features like SoftSelection painting and Relax/Displacement painting will be available in EditablePoly but not in EMesh.

You can freely convert between the two geometry types.
Most people model in Editable Poly these days, because the number of useful features is much higher and growing with every update, and most operations are much faster to perform.
Discreet does not seem to work on improving EMesh anymore, so you can assume EPoly is the current and future standard in 3ds max.

(3ds max Trivia: version 1.0 did NOT officially support EditableMesh base object, it was an experimental feature that could be turned on for trying out using a switch in 3dsmax.ini. The only way to edit meshes in 1.0 was to use the memory-hungry EditMesh modifier!)


thank you very much .

how you know so much. i know nothing about it’s history. but i am quite interest.

can you share some web site provide 3d program history?


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