Question about abstract art & color study.


Good day everyone, I tried to do color study and thought it would be easy but instead I found it very hard and there is so many distractions so what advice can you give me on color study or if there is a reference for someone who explains how to do them correct, also about abstract art and negative space and using ur right artistic brain where can I get useful more practical information on these subjects ! I am now a student on schoolism taking design with color course for Nathan fawkes and the first assignment was doing 10 color studies each one less than one hour and I found myself lacking skills to be able to do it, so ur advice will be appreciated.


When doing a color study, the main point is to understand how the color palette for the whole image is formed, what those most important colors of the image’s palette are, and how they are created by the forms and the way the local colors mix with the light source(s) color casts. They don’t have to be very detailed–even just thumbnail studies can be very effective. If you’ve ever seen the really simple looking Pixar color keys–that’s sort of what you’re going for. They usually look like simple color sketches and don’t have much detail. Take a look at these:


Thx for your help, I get what u mean by being simple and Bo details but when should I do when I make this and thr image still feel that it doesn’t read! I understand completely what ur saying but putting it to practice becomes hard! It is a matter of just keep doing it and I will get it right!


Well, you have to remember, behind those deceptively simply looking Pixar color keys, is many years of artistic development and experience, with a vast amount of knowledge about the foundations of visual art (composition, perspective, values, lighting, forms, color theory, anatomy/figure, etc.). So simplicity doesn’t mean easier, in face the ability to effectively simplify requires advanced artistic knowledge and experience. So you really do have to buckle down and learn/practice the foundations in order to be able to do color keys like those. There’s no shortcut–it takes years of hard work and constantly learning and practicing.

Also, you really should post examples of your work so we can troubleshoot what you’re doing wrong and give you advice on how to improve.


I will keep that in mind I just need to be patient and work harder, thanks for ur advice it is helpful will continue practicing and post my studies.