Question about 3d character creation process


Hello everyone!

I am a beginner in 3d art and I am trying to become a character artist (for games to be exact). I became familiar with sculpting characters in high resolution ( in Zbrush) and also in making assets by box modeling ( in Zbrush Zmodeler and Blender). But now I’m stuck, because I don’t really know what should I do next. I know that there are steps like texturing, mapping, rigging and else, but I don’t know when to do each of them.
So, here’s the question: Could you guys please point me in the right direction, describe how, step by step, working on a character should be? I don’t need a complex tutorial for each of those steps, just general info what to do, so I can learn everything by myself one thing after another.

If someone is wandering what stage I am at in my work, please, see my artstation profile, but please, bear in mind that I’m still a beginner:

Thank you guys very much in advance and I hope you have wonderful day!


A basic workflow implementing most pipeline aspects involved porting an animated character for example to game engine, anyhow a fairly simplified process overall otherwise if I was to briefly attempt typing my thoughts here a probable result would be an TL;TR text wall… : D

Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity
(A detailed game asset production solution in book form, that includes 3d app/Game IDE intro walk throughs, poly count budgeted asset generation techniques, UV Mapping, Texture painting, Rigging, Animation and so on)

Have fun Cheers.