Quantic Dream -Real time Facial video-


Hello People

Quantic Dream is hiring and presents at this occasion a new realtime 3D prototype on Playstation 3.
I hope you’ll like it :wink:

HIGH RES picture

DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO 70.mb (right click save as)

link 1
link 2


Lead Characters & Facial animation


Are you guys going to show heavy rain at GDC? :slight_smile:

I love the eye movements in the vid. I cant wait to see game characters have that kind of small nuances.


It looks very nice indeed. But as a prototype it really doesnt show that much, kind of narrowed down compared to a complete game:)

Can you share some specifications? Like what shaders did you use for the skin and the eyes?



Lookin good…
Modelling and shading looks good… only crit i’d have is that the inside corner of the skin around the eyes moves a bit too much - i think it should stayed more anchored… the rest of the surrounding skin movement looks ok though.

Very nice! I’m excited to see where this is going…
Never knew about this studio… it’s hiring now you say? hmmm…


The performance in the original teaser blew me away, and it’s only getting better. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


The quality of this is very nice. Very very beautiful.

How much of the ps3 cpu do you use to get that render?


Very impressive !
I just think that the skin is a little bit too shiny, and the nostrils are “bizarre”.


nice job guys! :thumbsup:


It’s a nice advertisement to try to catch some artist for the studio, but a video game it’s not only a couple of eyes with motion capture…
I really enjoyed “Indigo prophecy/farenheit” and it didn’t have top noch technology.


Good for you I really dig your “beast” character dude. This gives you credit to my eyes :slight_smile:

Do you really think a company like Quantic, who made, as you mentioned, games like Farenheit, would forget everything about the groove/plot of a game, for some Eye i[/i] candy stuff?

This is a freaking closeup of the game character. No fancy cinematic thingy here.
The purpose of this video is to show how far we can go in zooming toward the characters.
One could almost smell the blush…


ps(3): they don’t show more of it for NDA reasons.


I would really like to see more


I just want to see more gameplay and less technical stuff (that’s for every video game company out there)… I have high hopes in the next quantic dream project since I enjoyed so much Farenheit, but I guess we have to wait to see more.


good realism,
what’s the size of the eyebrows textures ?


SheepFactory >>

thanks for your pleasant comment
No heavy rain won’t be showed on GDC08, it’s too soon, but some of us will be here to spy u! :wink:
(If you really can’t wait… contact me ;))

hakanpersson >>

Don’t care of the kind of narrowed down compared to a complete game… because this animation extract of the game, and the character too :slight_smile:
I really can’t to less quality regarding eyes capture because it’s completly automatic and with PA.
We have work hard for it, but now… just have fun!

What do you want to know exactly reagrding shader? If you have a specific question, I’ll try to reply.
We have develop our own shading system in Maya, It’s a very funny simple system completly “Artist driven”.
For this scene you have a Skin shader with diffuse / Normalmap / Hard sepcular / soft specular / Thickness / Translucency / etc…

Chindian >>

“the inside corner of the skin around the eyes moves a bit too much - i think it should stayed more anchored”
you’re not wrong… I’m really happy to have this kind of comment for raw data dedicate for video games !

erilaz / Baltasound / Tilko / Intervain / kap13 >>

Thanks guys!!!

depleteD >>

How much of the ps3 cpu do you use to get that render?
your question is “bizarre”…but I can reply…
for this kind of closeup cpu is not really affected in fact… RSX and SPU a little, but not too much… in fact you just have 2000 polygon displayed!
In fact if your real question, is : "are you able to display some characters with this level of details in a big set with IA and an amazing mood… I say YESSSSSSSS!

jocz >>
eyelids map is 512/256. It’s a grayscale shared map.

SergioSantos >>
In fact you’re right, it’s not a gameplay demo :). Do you really want my editor kill me ???
to be serious, E338 is right, we are not authorized to show gameplay… I’m sorry. I’ve hope you appreciate graphic in game quality…

E338 >>

what else? (are u a Jedi? u read in my mind?) :wink:

so if you want have a look on my strongest competitor, check this link

thanks yann!

Seeya gentlemen!

Lead Characters & Facial animation


Oh you tease! Now I am dying to see some footage :slight_smile:


Thierry, one day, you’ll have to explain in front of a jury where you find the time to get those insane videos!!! i must say I started to look at this with a bit of terror, pretty sure I would find a serious VIDEOGAME competitor.
But this little dude is definitely out of range!

ps: and we have NO competitor actually. muhahhaha.


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