Quadruped trc data retargeting


Hello Everyone,
I have some trc motion capture data (a Dog Running) and I try to retarget it to a rig I imported from maya.Is there a particular workflow? I tried to retarget the trc file to an Actor but this doesnt work at all.
I also tried to define it as a skeleton and retarget to my rig but that does not really work out too. Any Ideas?




man! this sounds like a very particular issue…

that said… what does happen when you import it into MB? i assume you can see the bones in motion… just having issue with retargeting?

ideally you would create your own Control Rig that operates correctly first…then choose your mocap data as a Source in the Character Controls

if it doesn’t appear in the Source pull down then it might not be compatible. Not all mocap files are equal regardless of format.

have you tried exporting it out of maya as an FBX?

also naming convention of the mocap skeleton can sometimes be an issue as well. e.g. Skeleton:LeftArm

if that’s the case “i think” there might be a way to rename the individual bones correctly in it’s character definitions… but i can’t be positive about that


Hi Bilbob,
Thanks for the response! Yes I did the Same workflow as retargeting a biped since MB has no Quadruped skeleton.When I build the Control rig MB ask me if I want to use it as a biped or a quadruped.There are some Tutorials on this but nothing works for me in my issue. Maybe your are right with the naming convention of the my rig. I will try that.

Thanks for the suggestions,