Q-Metal Lib 01 & Q-Metal Mesh Lib 02 | now available special priced as bundle | for Corona & V-Ray C4D!



Dear Users, we are happy that we can offer you our Q-Metal LIB 01 and Q-METAL LIB 02 at a special reduced bundle price of only 129.- (instead of 178.- Euro, save 49.-EURO!)

The collection consist of 393 high end metals materials and textures for Corona for C4D and V-Ray C4D, custom hand made for both engines direct inside c4d (not converted from other apps)!

the offer is available for limited time in our shop 3dtools.info,
you can find it here:

the library here and there gets also updates, all updates are always free included to our material collections:)

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our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Qucumber.at


These are some of the best metal libraries I’ve ever seen.

Are these library files, and if you don’t have Corona or Vray, what are the issues for converting for use with Octane or Redshift? I still have Vray 3.3, but haven’t used in a while.

Btw, I love your Q_Tile plugin.


thanks for your feedback!

glad you love our Q-TILE-RPO plugin!

for converting the mats to octane and redshift, the main issue is time i guess, atm we have no open time for that.
we work on more libraries atm, those will come also as texture sets so work in any engine on any platform(c4d, max, etc).

the metal mesh libraries can be used via the textures already now also in octane, redshift or any other engine. we release the texture set as separate buying option soon for that.

atm the 2 collections come as c4d files + textures, but we work on .lib files too on request which are added soon as free update as extra option:)


Hi Stefan. When are GeoTexture and Interior Mapper going to be released?


both are ready, but we yet need to make the webpages and examples for them


Okay, look forward to more information.


yes we work on it, despite the covid 19 lock down syndroms (work from home seems a bit slower)


Geotexture is released, and i test interior shader final builds:)

as side info we also updated all plugins (Q-TILE-PRO, GEOtexture UV spline mapper) to c4d r23!