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Hi guys!

I decided to learn Mari. I am a beginner and it is very difficult to remove the information that appears in the viewport. It’s probably very simple to remove this, but I can not find anything and the tutorials do not show anything about it.

Can someone help me?


Right click on the canvas and select Display Properties from the dropdown menu

Untick HUD


Thank uuu :smiley:


Thanks Arnav


No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:


Post any questions or troubles in here so we have a list that builds over time.


Okay, i posted this a while back but I still face this so here goes:

I’m exporting an object (with multiple groups) to Mari from Maya. On importing the fbx file, Mari automatically creates selection groups based on the groups in the Maya scene.

This is really helpful. However the naming is lambert_batterycover, lambert_wire etc. Basically every set has the ‘lambert_’ prefix.
This makes the list of selection groups slightly annoying to read and I was wondering if there was a way to remove the prefix or just prevent it from having the prefix upon import.