Python Maya Script : Create Cube as same distance between them along a circle shape



I am trying to write a script that create multiple cube and place them at the same distance from the origin. I want them to create a circle with cube and i want those cubes to be at the same distance between them.
I only succed to create cube at them distance from origin but no at the same distance between them.

Here is my script.

import maya.cmds as cm
import math
cubeList = []
for i in range(0,60):
cube = cm.polyCube ()

def moveObj(obj,a,b):
cm.setAttr(obj +’.translateX’,a)
cm.setAttr(obj +’.translateZ’,b)

for i in range(0,len(cubeList)):
angle = i * (360/(i+1))
x = 10math.cos(angle)
y = 10

Can someone help me ?


Something along these lines should work.

from maya import cmds, OpenMaya
import math
def main(count, radius, up_axis=(0, 1, 0)):
up_axis = OpenMaya.MVector(*up_axis).normal()

cubes = []
angle_increment = 360.0 / count
for i in xrange(count):
    # Create a cube.
    cube = cmds.polyCube()[0]
    # Get an axis perpendicular to the up-axis to set the initial position.
    x_axis = OpenMaya.MVector(1, 0, 0)
    if x_axis.angle(up_axis) > 0.01:
        point = (x_axis ^ up_axis) * radius
        point = (OpenMaya.MVector(0, 1, 0) ^ up_axis) * radius
    # Rotate The point by the angle increment around the up-axis.
    angle = angle_increment * i
    quat = OpenMaya.MQuaternion(math.radians(angle), up_axis)
    point = point.rotateBy(quat)
    # Set the cube's position.
    cmds.xform(cube, translation=(point.x, point.y, point.z), worldSpace=True)

return cubes

cubes = main(10, 5, (0, 10, 0))