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I don’t know either, perhaps would it have to do with the spaces in your filename? maybe it doesn’t like that… Anyway, there will probably be an error message in the console (being on windows, it should be sitting behind Blender). If you find that error message and post it back here someone who knows python can help you. I’d recommend to start a new thread too, so this one doesn’t go offtopic and so more people can see your problem and help you.



is there a script in blender for exporting *.blend files to vtx? (anim8or is using it…)



A BMAE update. Original post:

A bugfix is available for the SE version. Use the same link above or also at Blendernation:


hi , I tried to post this one in the other forum but i think its not working. Well i really just need an answer. ^^

Im new to blender and python. Can you please give me the basic idea on how we can make our finish artwork react from the viewers.

Let’s say, we have finish to design the MAP of a house, now we want to make it interractive in the sense that the viewers can zoom in and out to certain areas, welll maybe they can use the mouse or we can make a + button that they can click. Now the question is how to do it, do we need to program it using python scripts or blender itself has such functions?

Please help. Thank you in advance.

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hello, newbie here.

i did all what is the first post tells, yet i still find this error.

If i open blender, the console says "

Using Python version 2.4
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback

I installed python 2.3.3 and i have blender 2.41 (upgrading to 2.42) What is the problem?

hope someone can help me. thanks


Use Python 2.4 not 2.3.3


ok, i just thought that its compatible too. but the latest itself didnt work


Hello everyone, I’m new to blender and would like to know if this exists.
Is there a script that would let me unwrap a current UV mapped, textured mesh/model differently and deform the previous textures with the new UV coordinates at the same time?
I’d like to add more detail on the sides (due to stretching) of my model without loosing the frontal detail or start from the beginning with a new UV layout.
Hope you can understand my question and lead me to a new script or technique for this, Thank you in advance.


anybody tried with the latest blender.

would it be possible to run that portable?



Ok now on my main machine that i fried last week blender worked fine…
Now that I am on a POS laptop I cant seem to get 2.43 of blender to recognise python25 and no scripts work…?

I have even tried python24 that ships with 2.43 and I still get this error,Maybe I need to make a System variable via XP…?



Never mind…

downloaded 2.4.4
ran 2.4.4

Blender says “got it”


yeah, the newest version of blender will automatically load python 2.5 if its been installed on your computer :thumbsup:


my wiki work, 100’s of scripts.
for more scripts than you can poke a text editor at…


hopefully you guys can help with this. I’m using yafaray an i keep getting this error:

It seems to be a python error and i have no idea how to fix it. I reinstalled python (2 versions in fact). looked for fix, found some patch, and had no idea where to to it. i installed all possible things that were needed like the c++ 2005 distributable and even a ctypes installer.

(i was gonna ask this on the yafaray forums but i still have yet to receive a confirmation email…)



I am quite new with blender and I have only used 2.5. I have a tutorial from mars 2011 that use a script but it does not seem to work. The script is called and when I run it it say bpy.ops.text.run_script() but it does not work. I got it from a tutorial by Pascal Gabus aka Kiopaa in the book “tout savior fair en 3D avec Blender”’
It is suppose to add some feature to N menu in pose mode but they do not show up. I have tried to install and re-install Python, added a system variables and installing different Blender version, but so far nothing has worked.
I also tried the info at the begging of this tread but could not find:
“Now open blender, and set your pythonpath in the “user preferences” (i) window >pathes>Python
Either /usr/local/lib/python2.3
Or C:/python23/lib”

So now I am out of ideas on how to make i work.

Does anybody have an idea of what I am doing wrong?