Python Driven Animation in Maya Tutorial


Hello everyone,

My coworker and friend Delano Athias has released a new Maya Animation tutorial called “Python Driven Curve Animation for Maya.” I’m helping him spread the word!

If you find yourself animating creatures that fly, slither, and grow along a spline very often, it makes sense to create a system to set up these kinds of actions with minimal effort. In this course, we will learn how to leverage Python to design a tool in Maya that will allow you attach objects to a curve in a more efficient manner with greater control.

We’ll start the tutorial by prototyping our tool, to manually connect items to a path. From there, we’ll build a simplified version of the tool, and end the course by designing an intuitive UI to make the system user-friendly.

So if you’re an Intermediate to Advanced Maya user that would like to learn how Python can be used to improve productivity then this is the tutorial for you!

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