Pymel - WTF


These are the instructions for setting up Pymel autocompletion in Eclipse:

Note that the link is for Maya 2018.

Step 7 says:

Click on the “New Folder” button. In the browser that pops up, navigate to the directory where you extracted the pymel zip file. Under it, there is a folder called extras, under that a folder called completion, and then finally one called py. Choose the py folder and press “OK”.

This is the first time it mentions anything about a Pymel ZIP file, and there are no links anywhere on the site to any download or ZIP file for Pymel. I also am not sure why a ZIP file would be needed as Pymel is already shipped with Maya 2018.

I recall needing the devkit in previous versions, but the instructions in the devkit directory says it’s available on the app store ( but it’s not.

So I was wondering:

  1. How do you set up Pymel autocompletion for Maya 2018 in Eclipse?

  2. How F*@#ING hard is it for someone to take 5 minutes to update instructions so that they actually work?

(Mostly interested in the second question, to be honest)