PV Render Queue 2 - available now


PV Render Queue 2

As you know, the Cinema 4D Render Queue does not allow you to view the rendering in the Picture Viewer while in progress. PV Render Queue is a Cinema 4D Plugin that allows you to render jobs directly in the Picture Viewer. Please check the Wiki for detailed information.


[li]supports all render engines
[/li][li]Team Render support
[/li][li]Takes support
[/li][li]one-click Object Buffer solution
[/li][li]Python API for custom Render Jobs

You can get PV Render Queue 2 for free at http://blog.niklasrosenstein.com/plugins/pv-render-queue-2/.



Hey Niklas,

Big fan of the first version, so this looks like a good possibility for me. However, one feature I thought I noticed in R17 is the ability to see your Render Queue items in the Picture Viewer. Is that feature actually present in R17? If so, how does it differ from what you’ve made here?



Hi Luke,

As far as I know, this is not a feature of R17.

Thanks to its Python API, the plugin is not limited to its current functionality and can be extended by the community, myself or the scripting nerd in your studio.


Edit: I tend to confuse people with too much information. :slight_smile:


Ah, ok. I must have misinterpreted that. Thanks for the info!


cool update Niklas:)

thanks a lot,


@Luke: Seems like you were right, the Take Manager has a similar feature. Oh well :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The plugin is now available for free. :wip:


Sorry to hear that for you! :frowning:


NP. :wink: There are still advantages to this plugin (with R17, you still can’t render files from the hard drive to the Picture Viewer, or even queue multiple files, only the active scene), but I don’t think people will see the value in this plugin to justify buying it.


Thank you NiklasR,
We render big high res single frames all the time in our studio so we use PV-Render Queue all the time. Couldn’t get by without it.


yea, just used it today once more for several projects. thank you niklas!


great job,
I’ve been using me feel safer now :slight_smile:

it would be good to have the option of returning to render all without having to add all the projects again ,and add current project option :slight_smile:



Hey guys,

just want to let you know that there’s a new version of the plugin available. You can download it from here: https://www.niklasrosenstein.com/2015/08/pv-render-queue-2/

  • Add the current project to the queue with the new queue_current_project command from the Scripts menu
  • Queued render jobs are now saved persistently and restored once you open up Cinema 4D another time
  • Reset jobs to render them again (right-click menu)

These three features have been requested by multiple users. I hope you like it!


Edit 1: Added missing feature not about resetting jobs


awesome stuff man!

i cant believe the standard render queue doesnt support tokens in the file paths…


This is fantastic news, thanks!


Great plugin! Thank you for all your work! :thumbsup:


hi guys,

the plugin don’t work on Cinema 4d R24? any solution?