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Hi all. I don’t know if is possible to do an horizontal scroll in the PWS. Sometimes (with large chains of bones) is really difficult to do normal searchs and selections. Thanks in advance.



It used to be possible with v8.5. The latest version I’m working with is v10.5q … and it’s not possible in that version. So it comes and goes.

If you can afford another monitor, you can spread out the PWS on one screen. No offense, but I think you’re maturing as a CG artist, and you are beginning to feel the need for two monitors. It’s pretty common to feel cramped on one screen. :sad: I think Obnomauk has three monitors!


Carl Raillard

PS: My older brother just got a Cintiq.
Me to my brother: Give it to us! We wants it, my love! :twisted:


Hello Carl. Actually I have two monitors but, IMHO, that feature is a must and I hope it would be back. Beside that, I’m not offended, man. After 9 years doing CG I still feeling like a kid. Mature? What is that? Thanks for your help and regards.


Yep, can’t live without em anymore either. when I work on my laptop it just feels so cramped…

Left most monitor is Just the PWS and Timeline windows, Center monitor is Just the workspaces (chor model etc), Right most monitor has properties, pose sliders and the few buttons that I need to click (on a custom tool bar) as well as a way to peek through to IRC or what have you.

it’s the only way to fly :slight_smile:



It’s when you need three monitors. :stuck_out_tongue:


Carl Raillard


:scream: I wannnttt a 360º monitor :buttrock:

Or you can buy two of these :bounce:



Maybe, who knows? But I think two monitors are enough for me. Beside that, just curious, under how many monitors and which resolutions are people using A:M?


I think three is the functionality ceiling for monitors more than that and you just spread things out too far. unless you are doing video output work in which case a fourth monitor would be used to test NTSC color range and compatability.

my rig is two 17’s flanking one 19.



Me too. I appreciate having some room on the desktop that’s not virtual.

I’m working with a 19" (18" viewable) and a 17" flat screen.


Carl Raillard


I use one monitor ( and one computer ) - a 12 " tablet PC.
My screen resolution is 1400 x 1050

I never thought I would get used to it since I was using a 19"CRT before … but I can honestly say I don’t miss the CRT a bit.

( Imagine that. )

I would switch to the CRT once I had to do any color correcting / retouch work … the tablet PC screen sucks for that sort of thing.


You’re right. So many pixels can confuse my mind.
I’m working with two 17" monitors (1 TFT and 1 CRT).

That is awakening your Gollum instinct!!


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