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since R21 the project points plugin doesn´t work anymore. Has anyone an idea if there is an update or an alternative? I don’t get why it´s not a native plugin, i think its a fundamental modeling thing which saves so much time. at the moment i have to go back for this to R18 which is kind of annoying.
the project object command doesn´t work as it projects all points of the object.

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Hi ! Maybe you should try this Nitro 4D plugin
Hope it will help you :slightly_smiling_face:


Tool > Project Object


Sadly both not. I made a quick screencast to show you what i mean. didn´t you guys used this feature? This is such a great time saver. Thats the reason why i dont get why it´s not natively implemented.

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How about a shrinkwrap deformer, a point selection and a restriction tag?


ok, my solutuin projects ALL points, not only the selected. :-/

does the Plugin work again with the insydium bridge?


the shrinkwrap deformer with a selection tag would work but thats not intuitive how the plugin is. The original plugin is from bobtronic; his/their site doesn´t work anymore sadly.
i hoped for the insydium bridge but that doesn´t help. I attached the plugin for you to have a look.

Project (315.6 KB)


Did you tried Frank Willeke´s Point Projector plugin?


I think Franks plugin also projects the whole geometry. The important thing is to select points and then project them onto a surface by a single click. think about modeling an organic surface and you want to model a detail; you can model the polyflow from one of the planar views and then project it back. Or model a floor plan of streets and later project it on elevation.


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If you want to use a sculpt brush based workflow then you can use these tools to project geometry onto an object.


Matthias is a lot on twitter… try to reach him there.


I wrote a plugin for this back in 2007! :slight_smile:

Here it is, updated to R21:

(Win only for now, but the source code is there if anyone wants to make a mac build as well)

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What about a Shrinkwrap deformer driven by a vertex map? If the painting needs to be animated you could always use posemorphs set to maps and fields.