♪♫♪ Prof and Fresh Music (Games, Promos, Animations) and Sound FX, Voice acting♪


My name is Ilia, I compose music for everyday usage: video games, animations and so on. I like impressive video games, colourful cartoons and animation - in short words all that gives people joy. Quantity of my finished projects is approaching 100 (i have many completed html5 projects, mail me i will give links to the games).
I have a degree in the speciality “Information science in Art”. I practise playing musical instruments (clarinet - elementary music school, drums) for about 20 years and composing music for about 10 years.

Since 2016 I’ve been also studying interactive audio at the Sound Design Institute in Moscow. You can test my skills!

http://www.volkovstudio.com/You can contact with me via
skype: vierarmig
vierarmig@gmail.comPlease check my portfolio:https://vimeo.com/vierarmig/videos/all/https://soundcloud.com/vierarmighttps://www.youtube.com/user/CAFCAFCAF3/videosSelected works:Music sets:https://soundcloud.com/vierarmig/secret-trackhttps://soundcloud.com/vierarmig/sets/hero-simulator


It’s great, I love talented guys like you. It’s very inspiring for personal creativity. And although I do this only for myself and my works is rather modest, in my opinion. I share my work with my family and friends, and I’m not ready for the general public just yet. I recently started taking guitar lessons, and I’m very excited about this. I love it and I plan to do it in the future. In some questions with the choice of guitar and accessories, the reviews of this source help me https://www.guitarguide.xyz/best-harmonizer-pedal-for-guitar/ I think for beginner guys like me there may be valuable information and recommendations.