I have a big max file (20Km on 20 Km) that I want to cut into separated smaller pieces (5Km on 5Km)

I thought I could use the ProBoolean tool in a script but it doesn’t work at all

I have a few objects and I created a bounding box for that area

This is the full script:

newPos = $.pos
delete $
max select all
objNum = selection.count
theObjs = selection
for i = 1 to 1 do (
mybox = box length:5000 width:5000 height:500
mybox.pos = newPos
print “Boolean”
ProBoolean.createBooleanObjects theObjs[i] mybox 1 1 1
convertTo theObjs[i] Editable_Poly

If you can help me with the script/give me a different idea that would be great

Thank you