Problems exporting to .stl using Silo3D ver 2.5.4


First of all, I want to say that I like working in Silo3D, and it is a good product. I am however having some problems.

I was trying to search the forum for an answer, but I am having trouble exporting my .sib file to .stl. I have tried the following without any

  • Export Scene (.stl)
  • Save selected objects (.stl)
  • Create new Scene -> load into scene (existing .sib file) -> Export (.stl)
  • Save as .stl

The following is working thought

  • Create a new scene -> create cube -> export scene (.stl)

It seems that my old(er) files are not being exported, but new files are exportable. I am able to export to .obj, but I need it in .stl in order
for my 3D-printer to work.

I am running MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.3, and I am running Silo3D version: 2.5.4 Professional through Steam.
Anyone having similar issues, or know how to solve it?


I just wanted to say that I installed Silo3D on steam on a windows machine this weekend, opened the .sib-file and exported it as .stl without any issue. There might be some problems with the Mac-version of Silo3D.