Problems attaching eyeballs to rigged character using PSR constraint


Hello everyone. I’m new to Cinema4D and rigging

I’ve been trying to fix this problem reading this forum and also others, Youtube videos and still cannot figure out how to fix it.

I rigged this model using the integrated assets for biped rigging. And now I’m trying to attach the eyeballs to the rig. I used a PSR constraint targeting the head joing and also tried using parenting constraint.

It works fine rotating the head, but the eyeballs move with delay when the head reacts to other movements such as hips or spine. And the issue occurs also when rendering.

I recorded a little video showing the delay effects.

If anyone has advice to fix this issue it will be much appreciated.


Order of operations. Place the null containing your eyes below your rig in the Object window. Or select your PSR tag under ‘Basic tab/Basic Properties’ change your Priority to Generators. It’s a good idea with all the potential things that go on with rigging to understand Priorities. Lookup ‘Priority’ in C4D Help.