Problem with UV Layout in Maya


Good evening,

I’ve modeled a building in Maya, which is built of hundreds of meshes (walls, windows…). As all the pieces used are the same few, I manually did UVs for each type of mesh, and then transfered them to all meshes. Now I’d like to layout all these UVs on multiple UDIMs. So I select the objets I want to layout the UVs from, and try to select their UV Shells in the UV editor. But as there are many meshes selected, Maya bugs and crashes. I’ve heard of scripts to achieve this layout, but none of these I’ve found are free, so is it worth? Otherwise, what should I do to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help :grin:


Hi Jonas_trms,

Are all the UV meshes under the default UV set map1? Could you maybe create more UV sets so that fewer tiles are selected (to enable you to work with them without Maya crashing)?



I think they’re under the same UV Set, but I don’t know how it works. Can I apply a same texture to multiple UV Sets, I mean how does it work to paint textures with multiple UV Sets?


You can apply the same texture to multiple UV sets, but you will need to go to Windows>Relationship Editors>UV Linking to apply the textures to the different sets. I use multiple UV sets because I use UDIM’s for the high-res stuff and 0-1 space for other areas of my models that won’t get a close-up.

However, working this way can be a bit convoluted and I don’t want to make your issue worse if you’ re not familiar with working with multiple sets.

So, when you select say, one or two objects in your scene and open up the UV texture editor, can you move the UV shells around ok without Maya crashing? It may be that you are selecting too many objects at one time.


Hi. I finally managed to unwrap everything as I selected fewer meshes at once. Thanks for your help :smile: