Problem with stacking material in C4D 2023 and Cloth - logo is floting as the flag folds


Hi All,

I am having this problem with a stacking logo texture applied to a Flag that I have created using C4D 2023, I am using cloth/created by a plane object in c4d, when the wind starts to work the texture shifts. I tried selecting main material and trying to generate UVW map, this is disabled. Converting the object from parametric to non parametric generates the UVW but problem remains, I ried deleting the UVW but was not able to create new UVW map as it is grayed out… Also i am not able to create new UVW coordinates as it is greyed out on a right click.

I would like to keep the object parametric if possible please, as I am fiddling with number of polygons for a perfect fold if this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.


You can add a “pin texture” tag to your object.