Problem with Normal Move



I have a problem using “normal Move” comand.

in early C4D versions when you selected some poligons and apply “normal move” the resul always produced a parallel movement.

now ( at least since R22 ) when you do the same, some faces dont move in parallel as they used to

(see the attaches images)

This is really anoying since I use this command a lot to model my architecture projects, does anyone knows a way to solve this?




For what it’s worth it’s still working as it should in R21, so it must be a S24 bug.

I guess the workaround is to use an extrude and clean up while waiting for a hotfix.

You should send that to maxon.

I imagine that it’s working fine when the loop is closed right? It must be averaging the neighbouring normals for some reason.


Yep, that’s correct, it works just fine when the loop is closed. thx for the response . I tried in R22 and it also had the bug so it’s not a recent problem :frowning: