Problem with model builder and cleaning plate


Hi everyone,

I’m learning NukeX and i have a problem. As you can see on the screenshots, i had to clean trackers on the ground. For that, i used a model builder to put card on trackers, then rotopaint, then roto.
BUT… when the trackers come into the scene, i have black stains that appear the desappear.

My 3D tracking is perfect, the cleaning is really ok (as you can see on the screenshot 4) and i made a planar track on the entire tracker (14 trackers) then i made Intensity correction. But it’s not perfect… WHY???

Thanks for help.


It’s hard to tell from your description, but there must be an issue creeping in.
Usually on such a shot, I will do my track (either planar or 3D track), choose the best frame(s) and create a projection or patch. I pre-render that and overlay it on the shot to see if my patch is holding and moving correctly.
Then I’ll apply the roto on the markers to reveal the patch, do the grading to apply shadows, etc…