Problem with Cloth doing 'page turn'


Hi there,
I am working on a title sequence which is basically a bunch of page turns of a scrap book revealing footage and illustrations.
I am using the cloth tag for the pages and a collider tag for the cover as my basic setup.
Page 1 looks great. Page two and every subsequent page, unfortunately seem to sort of intersect and not stay on top of each other. I have trawled many forums and tutorials, but to end. It seems to have to do with Points/Edge/Poly EPS settings, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the pages to layer nicely.
Any help would be much appreciated! I am getting closer and closer to the old ‘bend’ deformer page turn, which would be such a shame.
Below is a link to the project and textures. Feel free to dl and check out!

Many thanks,



Well, I would suggest rigging the pages instead of trying to use cloth simulation. That way you have much more control over the individual pages.

Here is an example of a book rig I did a while back:

Cactus Dan


Hi Dan,
Thanks for your reply. That looks very clever, what you have done. Unfortunately a little too clever for me. I wouldn’t really a clue how to do that…
I don’t suppose you could explain, or even share the scene?


Agreed, cloth simulation for turning a book page is totally overkill. just add a plane and use a few bend deformers otherwise youll be at the mercy of what the cloth decides it wants to do; as soon as you get a few layers deep the pages will either intersect or have to start levitating slightly.


That is awesome!!! Any plans to make a tutorial?



Well, it is quite a complicated setup, and the original file is client property.

But, here is a sample setup file that I’ve posted before, which is simply a cover plus one page:

… it uses my plugins, which you can download and use in the Runtime mode to open the file and study the rig.

The front and back cover are rigged with a single joint using a CD Aim constraint, targeting the controller

The book spine has an Xpresso setup on it to automate the spine roll when the front cover rotates past a certain point.

Each page is rigged with the CD Spline IK, using an external spline controlled by progressive morphing, which is automated to let the Page Controller drive the spline morphs.

The way the page is set up allows it to be copied several times to create more pages, as long as all of the objects that pertain to the page setup are copied together. The starting shape and ending shape spline morphs can be adjusted so that the pages don’t intersect when they come to rest.

Cactus Dan


I like the stretching of the spine base, thats a nice touch :slight_smile:


Hey Dan! What specific plug-ins of yours are you using in your rig? (As in, what do I need to buy?)



The rig is using all 4 plugins that are bundled in the CD Character Bundle Pro. :wink:

Cactus Dan


Mike the monkey did a tutorial on page turns some time ago. He PLA baked one page turn then copied it to subsequent pages. Seemed like the way to go.

I even found the tut.


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