Problem with AutoResize and crash of Maya while creating nCache


Hello @ll,

i have a big problem, i am working on my first Demo-Project and i am nealy finished the Dynacmis (2 Fluid Containers).
First the Auto Resize did not work like expected, so i changed the Max Resoloution and the Auto Margin
(i followed the hints from this

Now my Maya crashes everytime time while creating a Cache near to Frame 78-80.
(My RAM is at 40 of 64 GB)

Can anyone tell me if i am doing something wrong, or how it could be fixed?

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Vulcano_TEST_AREA_v3.5.mb (19.6 MB)


What version of Maya are you using? This information is critical if we’re to help you test it out. Bugs in 2018 may or may not exist in previous versions, despite no significant updates to Maya Fluids in quite some time.

Auto-resize works as expected in 2015 for example.


Hi InfernalDarkness,

i am very sorry for this late answer, but i thought my post would not be published, after it wasn’t online after some days.

I am using a student version of Maya 2018 Patch2.
Do u know, if it would work with 2019 or a later Patch of 2018?

With a “max resolution” of 500 in the autoresize settings it does not crash, but the simulation is broken because the fluid gets deformed when it hits the container borders.

Here are my Dynamic Settings:

Best regards, Lino


Same Problem with Maya 2018.5 (at max res 800)
…now trying with Maya 2019

—EDIT: Problem also happens with 2019 (at max res of 800)
If anyone could tell me how i can fix this issue i would be realy happy!
I am trying untill weeks now and do not find a way to fix the problem, and its important to me because i wanna have this scene in my demo =/