problem : when i import a zbrush model into marvelous designer it's very small


Hello everyone, my problem is that when importing a Zbrush model to Marvelous designer, the model is very small, to the point that if I make a garment in Marvelous and give it simulate, the fabric begins to break and jump across the screen. When importing the avatar to marvelous i put in the options like this:

Load type = open
Object type = load as avatar
Scale = cm (DAZ STUDIO)

The rest of the options i didn’t touch them and the information that i could find told me that these are the options to import a Zbrush model.

I tried to resize from zbrush, but problems occur to me this way too. First to determine more or less the height that i needed i took a marvelous model to Zbrush and scale my model to match the size of the imported one, but in doing this I lost details in parts of the body that I had sculpted, such as the hair that I sculpted by hand.

I scale in different ways, with the scale tool, with the option of scaling in deformation, with the t-pose and i always lost detail. In addition, the size of my brush even if it took it to 1000 (maximum size) is very small. I also tried to unify but I could not find the way to get it to the desired size.

I also saw that there is a zbrush tool called scale master but it is in version 4r8 and I have the 4r7.

i think the problem comes from zbrush and that i made the model too small by accident.

i’m new to forums so if i made some mistake while posting this tread, please let me know.


Why not upgrade to 2018? It’s a free upgrade, you must already know that.


Update to 4r8 or 2018 so you can use the gizmo.
The issue you are dealing with is not having correct scale in relation to the real world. Zbrush doesnt live in true scale so scale in zbrush can be pretty wacky. What I do is do my measurements in a 3d software like Maya. For example, if your character is 5 ft tall, get that measurement in Maya by using a cube to use as a measuring stick in zbrush. Import that into zbrush and match it up to the scale you have made in Maya or whichever program you like using.
the clothes isnt simulating because your character is very itty bitty like a size of an ant. Marvelous deals with real physics.