Problem exploding with forces



I’m starting to learn Houdini and following a course named Architectural Destruction, the final result is pretty much the same I need in my project, an exploding
building with many different layers and materials.

All the previous steps worked like a charm, however when I try to break one part of the building using a force I created,
it behaves different from the tutorial, even configuring the constraints.
Instead of exploding the area, like in the tutorial, it looks to blow the entire building at once, indepedent of the size or magnitude of the force, as the example below:

Generating the force I have an attribVOP configured this way:

[b]And inside the DOPnet I have a geometryVOP this way:



I tried to change the constants to reach the result, but with no success at all, is there any way to create some kind of
falloff or decay for the force? How can I proceed? Any
hints or ideas of what is going on?

Thank you very much! Any kind of help is very appreciated !