Probelm With the Network


I put 17 Artist on my Portfolio Network, but today i can see only 4 Artist.
In my option all the artist are selected visible.
I dont know what’s the problem.



Someone switched up the layout so that it only shows 4 random people from your network at any one time.

I know I was confused; I randomly went to Rebeccak’s profile, and saw that her network consisted of me and 3 other people. I felt very honored for a second, until I went back and saw that apparently she’d taken me off her list. And then I realized what was going on.

Still, for a brief, shining moment, I was someone important!


Ohh, hah good, I got confused too. I definitely prefer it this way with the random displays - much tidier.


i think is a new feature to randonly show 5 portfolios in your networks instead on the hole network.


Yeah, I was finding the super popular people’s pages a bit ungainly, so now it displays 5 random members (if you go to manage your portfolio they should all still be there). The code is a bit buggy, so sometimes it doesn’t show everyone it’s meant to.


I have 4 portfolios, all visible, and none of them are shown in my page.


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