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David Levy Episode 1
Art Director and Concept Artist
Enders Game, Tron, Prometheus



Pro Select Jason Martin
April, 30, 2018Jason covers what it takes to get noticed and survive the interview. id is looking for a SR character artist and Jason is jumping in to look through portfolio’s.Find out what he discovered in this past weeks recorded conversation and see what advice he has to offer artist submitting to the CGS gallery
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Marvel Concept Artist and Illustrator shares some of his personal work while discussing the evolution of his work
from modeling to concept artist. Take a look at selections from the CGS gallery featuring a great example of pulling
info from the most crude sketch and translating that info to your character.

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Hard Work, Endless Obsession, Humble Dedication have led to continuous success landing Andree on some of the most prestigious Art Dept in film. Have a listen as we talk through some of the challenges and moments to look out for to keep your head on strait and enjoy the process as demand on time and life increase



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Ian Spriggs

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Hyper-real character artists Ian Spriggs of Oats Studios will be featuring new and recent work next Wednesday. Join us as we and browse the CGS gallery to share some wisdom with up and coming character artists.

Make sure to check out Ian’s portfolio and upload your own before next week to get a chance at some top end constructive criticism.



Moving forward from some of the most prestigious studios and work with legends including Ron Cobb.
Emmanuel discusses evolving his freelance career.

A big part of the plan for Emmanuel is looking back to help other artist share some of the life experiences
and advice in becoming a production artist and designer that is always looking for the next challenge

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when the realistic looks unreal do you take the risk and use the footage! This was a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy! Please take a moment and share or say something nice to Nick for sharing with us.