Prison cell - 3d still


Ok ive been working on this for a little while and im kinda stuck on some of the specifics. Originaly the room was going to have a character on the platform with some “scarry thing” reaching up through the bars at him, but after i set up the room and the lights i decided it would be better to stay low key.

I would apprecate anything anyone can say to help me get it over the last hump. The arms are boned so i can move them and articulate them.

Things im thinking about working on,

Arm placement/position (more than one pair?)

Light color / intesity ( lighter/darker )

More detail (texture, modeling, more stuff)

wider aspect ratio?

  • it’s just not there yet


Ok so i looked at it on another cpu and it is way too dark, so i think im gona go a diffrent route with it. Now i need to think about where to place the arms, and what kind of detail to add or things to change to make it less grid like.

And i know the wall tex looks like hell, so ill be working on that first.


excellent work…I really get the feeling of insanity … putting myself in the prisoner’s shoes.

Reminds me of the movie “Murder in the first” with Kevin Bacon and Christian Slater.

I wouldn’t add any more hands…although I might add a plate and cup with some moldy bread and water. for added effect
One question…how does the prisoner get in there?..I’d think a door or grate with a lock on it.
Texturing…hmmm not sure what i’d do…but I know I would definately go with a solid concrete texture on the diamond shaped wall.
I’d also make that wall look rougher, and have pieces of concrete missing, etc
I would also make the bars on the windows a little bit thicker and add some age to them…maybe bend them in some different directions…etc

I’d add a little bit of volumetric lighting…ie fog coming through the bars…not a lot but just enough to give the feel of dust in the air.
grunge up the hands and arms a bit…prisoners in the “hole” aren’t gonna be mr. clean… lol
I wanna see more progress shots of this…keep it up:thumbsup:


I would make the Ambient color a nice hue of blue or red. It would add more of a sense of the Hatred or Grief that the prisoner feels. If you want to get a sense of the prisoner going crazy . . . I would wash out the color more than just a touch through post production.

In and of itself, though, I LIKE IT!


Hi, by the way, gorgeous idea and implementation.
But…your lighting is on a too wide of an angle. texturing the cell is essential. probably a
HA HA HA…etc… is needed to be written on the wall for added insanity. texture the hands. too many windows… but it is a gorgeous idea… I love it:thumbsup::D:applause:


I don’t have much to ad other than.
I agree there are too many windows (prisoner shouldn’t get to see so much light IMO)
The bench/bed on the left is too bright colored. If it’s a bed, I would ad some icky stains and stuff…soil it up a bit.
I also agree that the walls themselves need a different texture and perhaps some fingernail claw marks.
I don’t know if that’s the kind of look your going for but just a thought.


Love the effect of the hands reaching through the bars, but IMHO they’re a little bit too straight and vertical. Maybe throw a bit of an angle onto them, so that one isn’t hidden so directly behind the other.

Also, I think toning down the light reflection on the back wall, just a little, would help make the hands stand out more. Or adding a touch of blood red to the hands.


Ooh how about busted fingernails and maybe a badly broken finger =)

I actually like the darker version better… but you might be able to focus the light a bit tigheter on or very near the hands to get some more range happening.


Interesting idea, you’re off to a good start. Go for a more dilapidated look, focus on your lighting, no need to show but a shade of the walls, reduce the overhead space if it has no purpose, but if you like the space there, maybe put some hoisting device there for lifting the prisoner in and out of the cellar. Pose the hands, one hand perhaps grasping a bar. Your starting point should be complete darkness, possibly the ultimate horror of imprisonment. Work from there. Good luck!


I’m going to suggest working from references or research. There are so many really cool prisons and jails out there, use them for inspiration when you get stuck. Find some photos or other bits of prison art. Think pragmatically about prison cells. Several people have suggested that there are too many windows. That is a good observation. Super-max prisons have so few windows it drives people crazy from the sensory deprivation. I had heard the lead of the Latin Kings gang went crazy for that very reason. I’m thinking the diamond pattern in the back wall is a bad choice because A) Its unrealistic, and B) the hard lines it creates breaks up the composition. You may want to check out old Caravaggio paintings for lighting inspiration. He did mostly religious work, but it was very stylized and very well executed. Think 2d before working 3d.


Thanks everyone for your input, ive been stuck on another project for the last couple of weeks, but i have been reading everyones input and i have got some work done on this. Ill try to get some new wip’s up soon.


Ok, I took the texture off the wall, and altered the windows, Moved the hands, and tried to make it a bit more chiaroscuro like.

I think i need to alter the position of at least one of the windows (probably the shape too), Get that wall tex done, put something on the platform infront of the door. When i made this i was thinking of it being in a time and place in the past, it’s interesting that everyone thought of it as modern. I really don’t have any real prefrance personaly. The idea came out of a dream i had anyway. But does anyone think i should but something in to indicate a time or place. Also does the lighting change work?


This is a great scene. To add more of an erie feeling I would add some volumetric lighting through the windows and maybe a crow on the window ceil. and some dirt and grim on the walls. That would give it that lived in look. Plus crows and ravens are just eire birds. with those blue black feathers and shrill calls. But definatley adding some dirt and grit to the scene would add some mood to it. Thats the only thing I would change. The clean llok takes away from the dark feeling the image could give off.


Hi there, maybe you could add bevelled edges or chamfered edges to the walls and columns. If it were chamfered, I am sure the pillar above the door would get a nice effects. I am not sure if the patterns on the walls are textured bumps or real mesh, but if they were bump, you could maybe try making them mesh, this way it catches light nicer. I think it could be nicer if there are more ambient light or bounce lights to light up some areas.



I totally agree. The interior is entirely too “neat”, not sterile, to fit the broken/rusted bars at the window. There are no stains indicative of prior abuse/captives.

The scene is great.


Ok, did some stuff. Im not sure if the wall texture is the way to go. Still mulling it over.


Ah, yes. Brings back memories, this…

Have the nearest hand madly clutching at one of the bars. It helps the character of the scene interact more with the setting.

The high quality of the light that hits the foreground seems to be too happy. I don’t know how to make light ‘dirty’, but maybe tinting it with a low-saturated cool colour.

Maybe turn down the radiosity some, also. Instead of popping about having a good time, wouldn’t the light rays get the life sucked out of them almost as soon as they entered?

The colour of the rust is a bit too warm. It feels rustic instead of cold and entrapping. Maybe intersperse the oranges with some steel grey bits.

I have to ask: is the main mood here to be conveyed the insanity, the imprisonment, or eeriness?


There is a lot of emotion in this. it looks really good. a couple of things that would add even more emotion woulg be some grime and wear on the walls and flooring. A little age and creapyness to the cell. Mabey tone the bench done a little too it is a little too bright. Looks good


Hows about some volumetric lighting and/or volume fog?


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