Princess Periwinkle deflowered by Gnome man, Steven Stahlberg (2D)


Title: Princess Periwinkle deflowered by Gnome man

Name: Steven Stahlberg

Country: Malaysia

Software: Photoshop

Submitted: 22nd May 2016

This is my entry to the Thrust Challenge. j/k
it’s a pinup done for my Patreon, there’s a video of it too.


Hello attention I am the real G-nome man
And it is only by psychic Revelations and abilities and the word of God t
Is allowing me to
Hear that my spot is being taken?! It’s me who has perfect genes and should be banging all the princesses and taken to space to start a new planet as well as repopulate this one with all the best beauties, I’m the one with the marking on my hand . Just look at me I’m Spotnickdacat